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Sunday, May 22, 2011


For the last week, every time I sat down to do a post I would get distracted reading all the blogs I follow. 
And inevitably, I would end up crying or laughing about something someone had written....yes, I am that emotional.  I cry at least once a day.  I laugh even more.  Believe it.
So I've been a slacker, and that is why. 
The sun has been out this week and we've been running around in it...soaking it up and loving it.  Additionally, sun = yard sales.   Which = happy me.
Remember the cute little own trivets I've been finding all over town?  here and here.  Well, my little family is growing:

+3 baby owls, $.10/each yard sale.
I know...I fear I am turning into a creepy hoarding bird lady also.  But they were $.10 each and I knew they needed to be with their family.  Plus, what are the chances that I would find the EXACT same trivets, at a different location, almost a month later??  It was just meant to be...Dylan does not agree.  And thinks I'm crazy. 

I picked up this little shopping cart last week for Harper.  I've been debating getting her one from Target for about a year.  I wasn't sure how much it would get used for $25.00.  I found this one for $1...other than its near perfect condition, the best part is that I had this EXACT one when I was her age:

We've been doing LOTS of shopping this week.  That little girl loves shopping...I think she gets that from me.

One of my favorite finds from last weeks yard sales was this AWESOME vintage binocular set.  It was $3 and my most expensive purchase of the day.  I debated getting them, but decided they were a must-have for the boys room ( I know, you STILL haven't seen pictures of that room.  I'm a loser.  Plus every time I go to take pictures Beckham is napping.  Or beds are unmade (every day of my life).  Or there is underwear all over the floor.)  In any case, cute huh?

I found some awesome clothes at yard sales this week too.  My favorite?  This cotton tunic:

don't mind that it's sideways...blogger was not cooperating.
I had every intention of buying Dylan a new tie for his first day of clinic (yes, he started seeing actual patients this week).  However, he is the PICKIEST when it comes to ties...he wants thick (width and depth), old (cool, vintage old) and good colors.  So I can't just swing into Burlington and grab him a tie...I have to cross my fingers that someone who lived through the 1970's dies or decides they are sick of their collection.  I got just so lucky this week (no one died):

my sad attempt to tie a knot...I could use a few lessons.  but b didn't seem to mind.
Oh, and the best part about the tie?  It was FREE.  And Dylan wore it day 1 of clinic and looked sharpppppp.
Several times a week my good friend Lisa and I curl up in these comfortable brown leather chairs and gab for hours over warmed pitas and hummus (we've tried EVERY kind and swear by Trader Joes Roasted Garlic and the Trader Joes triple layer: jalapeno, traditional, red pepper.  Delish!).  I tried a vintage swag lamp and it was a HUGE failure...see for yourself here.  Ever since, I've been looking for a small-ish table to put between the chairs...it would not only help fill the space, but would give us some much-needed space for our hummus plates (and the habitual occasional soda).  Last week I hit the jackpot.  Perfect size, perfect shape, perfect price: 

$.25 wooden table, yard sale.

this is what happens when your 'hilarious' 18-month old refuses to move and then sports a cheesy grin for the camera.
I also made a run to the Goodwill bins this week and got an entire bag of crap treasures.  Harper was with me (even though I've vowed to never take my children there) and was an excellent side-kick.  She sat quietly in the cart, eating her Cheez-Its.  She only piped up once...it was to scream out about a clock she wanted for her bedroom...it was a moment that almost brought a tear to my eye.  My sweet little 3-year old...following in my footsteps...and wanting to dig through dumpsters of trash for buried treasure.  Cutesie.  Here are a few pictures from our clock project...we ran straight home and got to work...thank goodness the sun was out and cooperated:

h's wonderful find.  she spotted it from a mile away.

we removed the guts of the clock.

it really had lots of character.

the little thrifter/artist.

she got bored waiting for the paint to dry.
h wanted navy blue...but i talked her into picking a shade she actually has in her bedroom.  she chose this pink.  perfect.

we debated putting a mirror in the middle, but opted for a vintage button instead.

we narrowed it down and h chose her favorite.
I think she has an eye for art.

above her bed.  the pink she chose is the exact shade as the shelves we already had. she has an eye for color too apparently.

To keep from droning on and on and on and on (longer than I already have), I'll post my other finds in the next few days.  Let's just say, I left with a bag of clothes and another chair that is set to be my next project.
And this has nothing to do with my finds, but two little ones finished preschool this week.  Dawsons class did a singing program:

i can't believe how old he is getting.

d and his pal.

And Harpers class had a picnic outside:

i can't believe how big she is getting also.  note my sunglasses...harper picked them out at the goodwill...$.99.

d skipped class to be at the program...his first time playing hookie in grad school.  one word: rebel.

teachers lynda and chris with the kiddos

Yah for milestones. 
And Summer.
And yard sales of course.



  1. K i love your creative style! That clock you redid for Harper's room is awesome!

  2. I love Harper's new room decoration. She seems to be learning well, and why not, she has an excellent role model & teacher.

  3. P.S. I forgot to compliment you on the awesome shades-another good choice by Harper.

  4. I love reading about your awesome finds! It makes me want to get out there and dig through trash :) And yay for sun!

  5. I love Harper's find! It's perfect. And the binoculars were obviously a hit, you big spender! I wish yard sales were every day, all year.....

  6. I love your little owl family. It is quite amazing really that they all match. And as for the yard-saling, I really need to get my thrift on. Can't wait to see the black dress!

  7. I love your posts. They are never too long :o) And love all your amazing finds...seriously, you have a gift. And a really great Goodwill. It's the perfect combination. Plus, it makes for some killer posts.