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Sunday, May 13, 2012


What would a holiday be without a sappy post from yours truly?!
It wouldn't be.

I was showered with gifts all week long from my sweet little ones, but a few stood out as special:


At church they gave the kids surveys to fill out about their mothers.
dawsons said:
 mom, you are the best at: making flowers stay alive.
my favorite thing to do with you is: cook gingersnaps.
i love when you: take me to the park.
if i could give you anything in the world it would be: some flowers.
you are more beautiful than: flowers.
i promise to: always think of you.
i'll always remember: our dates at mcdonalds.
i love you more than: cookies.

judging by the survey and other various drawings i received,
i think dawson believes i am obsessed with flowers.

how dawson sees me.
i love the earrings and the eyelashes.

flower he painted.

harpers survey:
mom, you are the best at: taking care of me.
my favorite thing to do with you is: baking.
i love when you: help me get dressed.
if i could give you anything in the world it would be: a present.
you are more beautiful than: a rose.
i promise to: be the best daughter.
i'll always remember: to give you a rose.
i love you more than: my favorite food (this is big people).

how harper sees me.
how cute is her signature at the bottom?

flower she painted.

And from Dylan I received a surprise trip to Utah to visit Betsy and meet Chandler.  I suck (as usual) and only took a handful of pictures.  It was so wonderful to be there. 
Best. Gift. Ever:

betsy in all her motherly glory.
yes, she really had a baby two weeks ago.
there was LOTS of sleeping going on.
by chandler, not us.
and only during the day...she loves to be awake at night.
she's nocturnal apparently.
this is what we looked like most of the week.
one rare occasion where we were both ready for the day...with makeup on and everything.
having a newborn is tough.
despite the new found responsibility of caring for another human being,
we still managed to dig deep and find some immaturity.

Mothers day always makes me think about how grateful I am to have three healthy, beautiful, hilarious children.  I am grateful for each of them in different ways.

To Dawson, thank you for always being kind.  For acting as the mediator.  For including everyone and being so excited about life.  You keep my brain young with questions like 'why is carpet called carpet,' 'how many hairs are on my head?' and 'why do I have those little lines under my tongue.'  You have a love for school, friends, sports, and anything outside.  I still remember the first time I felt you gently move in my stomach...it was the sweetest feeling.  You have continued to quietly and subtly remind me of your presence in our family every single day.

To Harper, thank you for keeping me on my toes.  Your sarcasm and silliness is something you inherited from both your daddy and me.  I know that as you grow, you will find ways to channel your spirited nature into all things good; that you will be a leader and never doubt yourself.  You came into this world screaming and have demanded that same attention every day of your life.  I am grateful for your passion and dedication to the things you love.  I admire your free spirit and have learned to be thankful for all the rich experiences you have provided.  You have taught me so much and I have absolutely loved having you as a daughter.

To Beckham, you are the sweetest way I could have hoped to complete our family.  You make me smile every day and laugh even more.  You are so enthusiastic when you talk, that I often have to look away to keep from laughing.  You have an infectious laugh and people of all ages love to be around you.  You love anything sports, bugs, and dirty...you are a boy's boy.  When I think about you as a baby, I remember holding you all night long on my chest.  I cherished those fleeting moments that I knew were numbered.  Don't tell your daddy, but you make me want to have 10 more children just like you.  I wish I could keep you like this forever.

On this day especially, I am grateful to be a mother. 
Happy Mothers Day to all the women and little women, daughters, grandmothers, aunts and in-laws.
And especially to my own beautiful mom and mother-in-law. 
We love you.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

so much awesomeness

Is that how you spell awesomeness?  Awesomness?  That is one of the consequences of using words that don't exist.

I don't even know where to start...there has been so much of it around here lately.
I think I'll just jump right in.

dylan's intramural basketball team went undefeated and won the championship.
they were as excited as a 2nd grade y ball team.
we have a new pet squirrel that we've been feeding every morning.
his breakfast consists of almonds, sunflower seeds, and cereal.
the kids spend TONS of time at the window...

...oftentimes in the nude.
speaking of (almost) nudie...dylan stole my pillow and ran outside in his underwear in the rain.
look how big these kids are getting.
breaks my heart a little.
him too.
dylan and his 3 buddies attended a bowling costume party at school.
they went as two '70s couples.
...and they won the contest.
which resulted in all of us gorging ourselves on pizza with their winnings. 
i'm so glad my husband is willing to dress in drag.
spinning in the (momentary) sun.

we finally had someone (over the age of 5) that was willing to snap a picture of us together.
and this was the best one.
we are so photogenic.
i can hardly stand it.
i take awesome pictures on my own too.