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Friday, May 6, 2011


It's been one of those weeks that you wish wouldn't end.
Wonderfulness at its fullest.
The wonderfulness is due, in large part, to Dylan being off school for a week.  It's in celebration of finishing his 2nd year of Optometry school.  For all of you (yes, the 6 of you) real world, non-student people...that's a big accomplishment.  Even more thrilling is the fact that we've passed the 1/2 way mark.  It's a threshold that makes all the test cramming (him), single parenting (me), and stress (both) feel (almost) worth it.  Yah for survival.
Because of the break, I got to do some things solo this week...shopping, eating out (think Rachel Green on Friends.  Yes, I went on a date with myself), and napping.  Heavenly doesn't begin to describe it.
And the sun was out.  We all got sunburned in fact.  Harper looks like Sebastian on Little Mermaid...I am neglectful and totally forgot sunscreen.  Bad mom.  But it was a nice change from the downpour....which has made its grand appearance as I write this.
Because I had some time alone, I went to yard sales, hit up the Goodwill (duh), and went to Salvation Army. 
One word. 

gray leather flats with leather/satin bow. $4.99 goodwill.  they're in perfect condition and my 'new' summer staple.

vintage owl fabric. $1.00 yard sale. it is so cute and i have big plans for some throw pillows.

colorful cotton tunic. $.25 goodwill bins. perfect with dark skinny jeans.

The next 2 items are such great finds that they require an explanation.
I was at the Goodwill and they had announced they were closing.  I walked through the mens jean aisle and a short leg caught my eye.  I looked over to see 7 for all Mankind capris, dark wash, brand new.  I said a little prayer that they would be my size.  They were.  And they fit like a glove.  These pictures aren't the actual pair I bought, mine are a little darker.  And as a side note, this model has much nicer legs than i do...even with my newly-acquired sunburn:

$6.99 goodwill

A few days later I was at the Goodwill (again...ahem) and turned the corner, only to see the BEST FIND EVER.  I'm not exaggerating.  Oh, but by BEST FIND EVER, I mean that for myself.  Other people would probably think it was junk. 
Note: remember the craptacular sunburst mirror I made here that has just been holding a place for my 3rd and final sunburst mirror?
This week, I found her.  In the form of a gold clock:

before the glaze

the clock

I am a loser and forgot to take a picture of the before.  So I'll describe it instead. 
The face of the clock was gold crackle with thick black numbers.  There were heavy black metal hands, that seemed too ornate for the retro feel of it.  The color was a bright gold...too gold:

before color

Basically, it sucked.  But that's to be expected for $4.99.  Right in my budget.
I removed the clock face and arms.  I had a piece of glass cut to size ($10.00).  I don't think the clock had been cleaned since 1973...but with some cleaning and staining, it turned out JUST as I hoped and dreamed (that might be a bit dramatic):

my glaze of choice, tinted black

the finished mirror, after 3 coats of glaze it looked more bronze

sorry this picture is so dreadful.  it's rainy and cloudy here...but if i wait for the sun i'll never get this post done.

My sunburst wall is finally complete, so now I can find something else to obsess over. 
I love it.
And I love wonderful weeks...full of thrifting, sun, and time with family.


ps: because I failed to post pictures of Easter morning and doubt I will get to it, here are a few of the morning...better late than never (and these are completely out of order and the spacing is off because blogger is being difficult and I'm over it...even though I hate it):

don't worry...i didn't give out any of the cookies touched with these fingers

or this knife

harper received candy (her favorite part), coloring book, stickers, and dress up princess shoes
dawson received bakugans (don't ask), coloring books, candy, and a shirt

beckham received a green polo shirt, pacifiers, candy, and a book 

the sprinkles lasted 4 cookies

it didn't take beckham long to figure out the candy situation

dawson after the hunt

harper with her bunny

when we were young, my creative mother made us bunnies like this.  they always had jelly beans in the stomach.  she made them for my kids this year and they loved them.

my one decoration


  1. I am totally jealous of those shoes!

  2. I am totally jealous of the shorts! .... I love goodwill.

  3. Sounds like a great week. So glad you were the one shopping, I would've walked right past everything without even seeing it, or if I did see it, not be able to envision what it could look like. I do love the owl fabric.
    P.S. Mike is not the one writing this, but I don't know how to change that-jill

  4. oh man, this post is exciting!! those shoes are adorb. and i cannot BELIEVE you found those capris! and in the men's section? "omg." :) your mirror turned out AMAZING... i am so happy for you! the wall looks complete and fabulous. i'm excited to see what you do with that cute owl fabric. i sound like the guy on anchor man, "i love lamp." aaaanyway.. glad you got some sunshine and free time to yourself. :)

  5. love this. and i LOVE your mirror. it looks awesome. oh and i love the capris and shoes. and fabric. and the pictures of the kiddos. we miss you all. come visit. xoxo

  6. What great finds! You should make a blog devoted to your thrift shopping, really. Were you wearing those capri's just a couple days ago? if those are the same ones, I was thinking how cute they were! well, all your clothes are cute. I LOVE how your mirror turned out. Don't tell me the mirror is 6 inches, because I saw round mirrors at craft warehouse today for $1.80. Just what you want to hear now I'm sure.

  7. Love the great finds!! Thanks for the clothing details...keep them coming. If I ever come to visit, I've got to come with you thrifting!! Love your blog...thanks for keeping it current. Nice to keep up on what you're family is up to. Miss ya!!