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Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've been MIA these last few weeks. 
Every time I would sit down to write a post I would review my life day and find nothing blog-worthy to write about.  Sick kids, rain, time outs, rain, diapers, rain, tantrums (mine and theirs)...you get the picture.   
Until I had something nice to type, I decided to type nothing.
The pity party is over and now I have something nice to say. 
A few things actually about some big and small successes in our household over these last few weeks.
We haven't done much since living in Oregon.  It's sad really...I had big plans for how we'd spend our weekends and free time (ha, yeah right).  Trips to the coast, hiking to infamous waterfalls, and afternoons spent at Ikea (yes, I had every intention of spending HUGE amounts of time at Ikea.  I'm from Boise...no Ikea...so it's still a big deal to me).  Unfortunately, we just haven't done much since being here.
But last weekend, we decided to throw the kids in the car and drive to the coast.  We went to Oswald Beach.  We hiked (by hiked, I really mean took a leisurely stroll through the forest on a man made trail) down and spent some time on the sand.  It was so beautiful, and just the right amount of fresh air we all needed:

starting the 'hike'

pausing for a picture

taking a break

harper found this yellow flower...and picked it (probably against the law)

crossing the creek to get to the ocean

the boys

cutest self portrait...ever

jumping contest

beach treasures

On our hike back up to the car, we ran into a nice woman who agreed to take our family picture.  Lately, it seems we have very few of them...it's just hard to get all five people in one place, smiling nicely.  I threatened the kids and told them they had ONE opportunity to smile and cooperate. 
I thought we'd gotten a perfect family picture...until I was looking through them in the car. 
Note our middle child...stinker...and also typical:

april 2011
Family picture: not success.
After the beach (think freezing and windy 'beach,' not sunny and warm) we were all hungry and cold, so we headed to Mo's for some clam chowder.  I had mine in a sourdough bread bowl called the 'cannonball' and literally ate the whole thing.  The entire trip was a much needed break and we were finally able to check something off our 'Oregon to do list.'  Plus we were all there...together, as a complete family.  Double success.
In other exciting news, Dawson started tee ball this week.  The 'Giants' have been practicing for 2 weeks now, and had their first game Tuesday.  I might just be biased, but I think he's one of the cutest players I've EVER seen:

throwing the ball to his team mate

he's made this face since he was a baby

beckham desperately wanted to be on the field...but the purpose of the picture is actually to show the obscenely small shorts on the man standing in the background.  You read that correctly.  Man.
The '70s called...they'd like their shorts back.

handsome guy

in the outfield...during the game...he was much more interested in watching me take his picture

The games are 2 innings long and each player has a turn at bat.  Dawson hit the ball both times.  By the 2nd inning he had even gotten the hang of running he bases.  He's so thrilled to be on the team and meeting new kids!  Success.
And lastly, I have been working on a DIY sunburst mirror.  About a year ago, I started the hunt for a trio of mirrors, which have a home waiting for them above my green credenza.  I have found 2, but have not been able to find another...in my price range of course.  Because I'm a touch neurotic obsessive impatient...I got sick of waiting and decided to make my own.  It is turning out to be quite craptacular....more crap than tacular for sure though.  
Side note: this sunburst mirror is the one I REALLY want, but with 4 days left on Ebay, I'm sure it will go for much more than I'm willing to spend.   
I spent countless hours on blogs, and finally I found one on one of my favorite blogs, jandjhome.
It did not turn out exactly as I'd wanted/planned/hoped, but I don't have the tools, or the knowledge, or thousands of dollars to do what I really want. 
So instead, I spent $4.27 on this bad boy:

the mirror...goodwill of course

shims for the 'bursts'

the first layer

there was a lot of layering going on

there was a LOT of this going on too

i stained the shims with MinWax brand Jacobean stain and glued on the mirror

the collection for now

My biggest complaint is that I feel there needs to be a frame around the mirror.  The frame that came with the mirror is too chunky and tall.  So now I'm on the hunt for a circular frame, that can be stained.  At this point, it looks very DIY...Not success
At least it allows me to display the other 2 that I do LOVE.  So I'm willing to have this tacky pile of sticks on my wall until I can find something else.  Success.
After typing this all, I don't actually think there were any big successes in our week. 
I supposed it's a success in itself that I finally got this written. 

ps: somehow I've become mother to an entire family of owl trivets....in addition to the one I bought last month and the other I bought 2 weeks ago for my friend Brianne...where are they all migrating from?!  I fear I'm becoming a bird lady...not success.


  1. Love your blog- and I love your version of the sunburst mirror. I want to buy one too, but they are EXPENSIVE. I am hoping I'll find a super cheap one at an estate sale one of these days. No such luck yet.

    And don't worry- if Oregon is anything like Seattle, the summer will make you forget about all of these months of rain. I always want to move somewhere warm come spring, but when summer hits I think I live in the most beautiful/awesome place on the planet.

  2. what a fun outing! i can't wait til we all get together at the coast. dawson IS the cutest baseball player ever. wish i could come watch him play. and i love your mirrors...especially the ones made with shims. are they from home depot? LOVE YOU. come visit. xoxo

  3. I know you were trying to hide behind the rest of your family so you wouldn't have to take static for the hiking boots, but want you to know I noticed, and am sure you were the best dressed hiker on the trails, and as an added bonus, you wouldn't have to change your shoes to look great @ Mo's during lunch

  4. i always love your posts. i'm going to have to agree with your dad though, i giggled at your hiking boots. :) dawson is totally cute in his baseball uniform! and those man's shorts cracked me up... well, mostly that you fake took a picture of your kid to get the stranger's legs on film! not gonna lie though, the picture above the 70's shorts is close enough to it, that it looks like the legs are dawson's legs. go look again. :)

  5. I am so excited to see that you did the mirror. I love the color. Thanks for linking up. You made my night.

  6. You totally crack me up! I also think that your sun burst mirror turned out really cute, no matter what you say.

  7. You need to make me one of those fabulous mirrors! I love it!

  8. I am so jealous that you live so close to the beach! Take advantage of it for me...if not for yourself. :) I LOVE the way your mirror turned out. It doesn't look DIY at all. I saw a sunburst mirror the other day and thought of you. It was 130 dollars though! Your place seriously looks so perfect. I love it. I LOVE owls. Emory's rooms has an owl theme to it. Those trivets are so cute!

  9. P.S. Dawson looks SO cute in his baseball gear.