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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mothers Day...
To my own sweet mom.  She is the most caring and talented woman I know.  She is never too busy to serve.  She has patience in all she does.  She sees the good in every situation.  She is creative and shares her talents willingly.  She is everything I hope to be.
To my mother in law.  She is funny and witty.  She is understanding and compassionate.  She is a true friend to many, but most importantly, her children.  She loves her grandchildren.  She has the most hilarious stories.  She accepted me as a daughter.
To my grandma Carol.  She is wise and well spoken.  She values relationships more than possessions.  She has an open heart and open home.  She makes treasures out of yarn. She is the kind of grandmother every child deserves.
To my grandma Dorothy.  She is gentle and sweet.  She is gracious in difficult situations.  She is thoughtful and articulate.  She always made time for a back scratch or spoonful of brown sugar.  She helped shape my childhood and is missed so much.
And to my children.  Who have given me the opportunity to be a mother.  Who have taught me things each day.  Who have forced me to look beyond my own wants.  Who have tested my limits and taught me patience.  Who are the loves of my life.


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