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Sunday, May 29, 2011


We were inside a lot this week. 
Harper was on the mend from being sick and it rained A LOT.
The inside time was both good and bad.
Bad: we did nothing for 2 days straight...and by nothing I mean annoy each other relentlessly, watch way too many movies, stay in our jammies (my mom vocabulary coming through...pre-children they were called pajamas) too long, and eat way too many snacks.
Good: finished some projects around the house, did some deep cleaning, wrote an embarrassing amount of blog posts (maybe this should be under the 'bad' category), and fancied up this bad boy:

The blazer has soft pink flecks throughout, and almost looks like a very fine tweed.  There were cream buttons down the front and on the sleeves.  I paid $.40 cents for it at the Goodwill bins last week.  It is in wonderful condition.
Then I found this at a yard sale:

It came with tags (retail $24.50) from Charlotte Russe.  I didn't have any intentions when I bought it, but I'm glad I did.  It cost me $1.00. 
It took a few hours of cutting, pinning, and sewing (by hand...I still suck on the sewing machine), but that was fine...because I had HOURS and HOURS of time, remember?

I cut and pinned some layers of ruffles and lace to the inside of the blazer.

don't mind my hideous troll thumb...matches my troll toe. 
don't mind the needle prick either....there were several a few of those.

the sleeves...a layer of ruffle and lace.

then i replaced all 9 buttons with vintage gold ones

much cuter if they don't match, in my opinion.

I finally finished it and Dylan got home.  I had been inside for roughly 8 hours straight with 3 little rats.  We were all excited he was home.  I begged him to take some pictures outside.  He obliged and we were so excited to escape our misery house....that might be a touch dramatic.
He snapped TONS of pictures...and these were the best (if you can believe it)...in our ghetto parking lot. 
Have I told you I live in the projects? 
I'll save that for another day.  Just know that I do...and this parking lot was our best choice of backdrops.  It was that or the dumpster on the other side. 
The purpose of this next photo isn't to show you my bum or provide an opportunity for you to criticize my horrible roots....I bet you thought it was.
It is actually to show the back of the blazer.  Because I think the ruffles are so cute. 

And he was snapping so fast that this was the best picture of my front side...most of the others I was glaring at him or talking: 

And it looks like I have a gimp leg.  Or that I'm pigeon toed. 
I'm not though.
And then he made me do this...to show my appreciation:

I tried to do a toe touch also. 
It did not go well.
I blame the heels.  But it may also have been my old age...or the fact that I haven't done any physical activity since 2001...or all the snacks from the day weighing me down.

In any case, I love my new jacket.
Even with all the needle pricks.
Especially for $1.40.

ps: the spacing and outlines around my pictures are so weird on this post...anyone else having problems lately with blogger?  it's being so weird for me!


  1. I love your shoes and your jacket! Any chance either one is just a little too large for you?

  2. Look at you! I love it, you are so creative and crafty! I also love your troll thumb and pigeon toes.

  3. I love it! And you look so good in it. Maybe you could just look through my entire wardrobe and tell me how I can fix everything to make it stylish. You're so talented!

  4. LOVE it!! Such a cute blazer to begin with but DARLING with your embellishments. Who knew you were so crafty and talented? ;o) Keep up the fun posts, they are very inspirational!!