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Monday, May 23, 2011


I'm crazy about white, flowing tank tops this year. 
Ruffles only sweeten the deal.
I love them over a fitted t-shirt, or under a blazer.
And always with skinnies and heels...of course.
Because I found all of them at the Goodwill this season, I am feeling like maybe ruffles are going out of style...otherwise, why would people be getting rid of them?!?!? 
In any case, I'm in love.
Stylish or not.

banana republic, $7.99

banana republic, $2.99

express, $3.99

forever 21, $2.99
Am I alone in this obsession??



  1. No you are NOT! I'm so jealous right now it's not even funny. For real. Please take me with you and show me your tricks.
    Wait...maybe I shouldn't buy more skinny clothes till I can fit them again. Dang.
    Either way...how the heck do you do it?

  2. Absolutely not. I love white and I LOVE ruffles. Can't get enough of them. A perfect girlie trend for summer. Killer finds...enjoy them!!

  3. That first BR tank was just in their fall line...I bought it for WAY more than you paid for it! Congrats on the great deal!