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Sunday, May 22, 2011


I was looking back over my LENGTHY last post, and decided it is ridiculous how long I blab on and on and on.  Then I realized that if I keep it up, my readers (all 6 of you...mom, sisters, grandparents) will probably get sick of it and stop looking/commenting. 
So my new commitment is to keep the blog posts short and sweet.
And stop with the 25-picture posts that jump all over from subject to subject. 
Here goes:

I finally have the boys room pictures ready. 
I cleaned up all the underwear, and made them tidy up.  It was a good excuse.
And sorry the lighting is so awful...it has been raining here today.  And we also have NO overhead lights in the bedrooms, just one outlet-operated lamp.  It's awful....here goes:

the inspiration for the room...$3.49 goodwill
When we lived in Idaho, the boys bedroom was brown, cream, and slate blue.  When we moved, I decided that Dawson deserved a little boys room, instead of a nursery....despite his roommate being a baby.  I saw some cobalt blue mission style beds at Target that I LOVED.  They were $99.99.  I watched them for MONTHS and MONTHS hoping they would go on clearance.  They finally got to 75% off and I decided I couldn't justify the $25.00 (how cheap does that make me sound?!)
About a month later, I was back at Target for the 100th time that month and saw them still in clearance.  They had been marked down to $12.49!  I could NOT believe it.  I scooped 2 up and told Dawson he was finally getting his big boy bed.  He was thrilled.  He helped pick out this comforter too...he actually wanted a Buzz Lightyear one.  I just couldn't do it....I try to be a fun mom, but am really much too controlling to actually relinquish control.  Plus, truth be told I find most character-inspired things tacky.

isn't his little turtle cute?  it was a gift from his aunt jennifer when he was born.  it lights up and shines constellations on the ceiling.
After the bed was purchased, we needed a dresser.  I hit up the Goodwill bins (duh) and found a yellow/navy blue dresser for $4.99.  After a few coats of paint and some SERIOUS scrubbing, it was a good fit for the room.
And then I didn't take a picture of it.  And now the boys are asleep.  So you don't get to see it...big loss.  Not.
Basically, it looks like a dresser.  It's got straight lines, metal brackets at the corners, and slate blue drawers. 
When we purchased our couch on Craig's List, the seller gave Dawson a vintage globe that lights up...he LOVES it.  Since then, we've been scouring Goodwill for globes and over the last year have finished our collection.  Dawson decided that Harper could have the tan one and Beckham gets the little one...because he's the smallest.  Dawson is the MOST thoughtful little boy and is always looking out for his siblings.  It's sweet.

globes from goodwill, $4.99 each

dawsons 'side.'
This post is getting too long.
Wrap it up, wrap it up, wrap it up.
Little Beckham had no opinion when it came to his half of the room.  Poor guy:

beckhams bed.

our only storage in the room.  vintage trunk. $3, yard sale.


bedding.  yes, our baby has bedding.  he never uses it...he just wads it in a ball and sleeps on it.  thus the wrinkles.

How short and sweet the post was? 
See, I can do it.
And here's a picture of a cute little boy...just for good measure:

The end.



  1. The room looks great! I need to take a few decorating/shopping lessons from you, your blog/mad skills never cease to amaze me!

  2. I cannot believe you got those beds for 12.49! I am so jealous. I eant to get Emory a white bed. Keep you
    r eyes open for me. :)

  3. You really have some good Goodwills there, I'm so jealous of that. Amen to the tacky character bed spread I never did that I just could not but the only thing I did do is let them have Character sheets that way I could cover them up with the cool non-character comforter!! Great post I really love all of them:-) Have a great week rain and all. PS its sunny here today, just had to say it!! Lesa

  4. love your posts. miss youuuuu! xoxo

  5. For the record... I prefer your long winded posts. It makes me feel like I'm having a conversation with you. Short posts always leave me wanting more. The room is adorable, I love it. The 12 bucks blows my mind!

  6. You know there is more than 6 people reading. You have some serious talent in the shopping and decorating departments. I wish I lived near you so I could tag along.