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Friday, May 27, 2011


This is an addendum (of sorts) to the last post.
Harper's cough is breaking up, and the sun broke through for a few minutes this morning.
So we dashed outside to ride bikes for a few minutes.
And I snapped these:

I can tell Harper is already feeling better...she is even trying new tricks:

She has to keep up with this kid and his tricks, you know:

Don't worry, he was in on it too:

b looks like elmer fudd in this picture
And here is proof that I was there too, behind the camera most of the time:

Harper started hacking and the rain came down, so we headed inside for breakfast burritos. 
Oh, and this has been Harpers wardrobe this week...she reminds me so much of my sister Jennifer.  Which I love...because I hate being so far away and miss her more than I can say (and I'm a poet and didn't know it):

vintage scarf $.40, yellow floral old navy shirt (mine), $.45, both at goodwill bins

ps: because of all the sickness at our house, I've been working on embellishing a blazer the last few days.  It is almost done, so there will probably be a second post coming in a bit....yes, another.
I need to get a life.

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  1. Harper's shorts are super cute. As is her scarf. That's all.