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Thursday, October 25, 2012

dawsons birthday

guess what?
dawsons birthday was a month ago and i am finally posting about it. 
i'm so on the ball.

better late than never.
at least that is what i am telling myself...to justify not only my tardiness, but the upcoming posts which are also ridiculously fashionably late.

dawson turned six on october 4th. 
he feels so old.
and so do i.

i swear it was just yesterday that i looked like this:

i debated even posting this picture.
because it is so hideous.
and he looked like this:

dawson, 1 week old
and now he looks like this:

dawson, 6 years old

with the kids all being at different schools (on different schedules, with multiple pickup/drop off times...it's awesome.  i'm basically a taxi service), it has given us some time with the kids individually.  we were able to take dawson out for a birthday lunch...he picked taco bell (wth?!) and was thrilled that dylan could meet us.

true to form, dawson had grandiose plans for his big day. 
they included chuck e cheese, a bowling party, and a super hero themed costume party.  he wanted all his favorite friends who have moved (far) away to drive here for the party and he wanted all his cousins in attendance. 
but true to form, he was completely content with hand written cards from his siblings, a crown made by his classmates, and dinner at home with his friend ben.


the crazies...there was LOTS of candy, LOTS of yelling, and LOTS of horn blowing.
it was a mothers dream.
dawson requested spaghetti 'with long noodles,' mashed potatoes, bread sticks, and gatorade.
weirdest meal ever.
and he loved it.

seriously when did he get so big?!
but more importantly, why is he smiling so creepy?

and there was cake. 
and a big wish which included a monster truck (a real one, not a toy), a visit from his friend sophie, and lots of cake. 

it took dawson approximately 16 tries to blow all the candles out.
among other family traits, he has my grandma dorothy's lungs.

dawson has been an absolute dream child.
he is bright, thoughtful, caring, and inquisitive.
he starts talking the moment he wakes up, and doesn't stop until past bedtime.

dawson loves reading.  he just finished a 304 page book and is always requesting more books.
he loves playing with friends, sports, super heroes, and art.
dawson is a good eater but is hesitant to try new things (he is his father's son).
people say he looks just like dylan.   
i don't see it, but i consider it a compliment.

dawson loves harper and beckham and is always the mediator.
he is sensitive.
and kind.

he is silly and laughs quickly.
when i ask him what he wants to be as an adult, he says wolverine.

we love you dawson. 
may you always have grandiose plans for your life, be content with what you have, and may all your biggest wishes come true.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

may through today, part 2

Didn't get your fill yesterday?
Well here are 126 more pictures for you.
That should hold you over until I post again in 6 months....

We took the kids to the Washington County Fair. 
They loved the petting zoo and the butterfly exhibit. 

We visited the Chalk Art festival in Forest Grove this summer.  Local children, adults, businesses and artists rent sidewalk squares downtown and work their magic. 


my friend mikelle and her daughter hannah created this.
it was my favorite.

Someone lost their first tooth.  
And the tooth fairy could not find the teeny tiny tooth ANYWHERE. 
Don't worry, it turned up a few days later. 

We spent every Wednesday evening at the Farmers Market downtown.  Wonderful food, produce, and the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen.

We spent a lot of time outside and one day we met a little friend:

I have been working on little projects here and there.  One of the treasures I found was a dresser that I am using as a buffet.  The seller, Robert, was selling the piece because he was starting a new life in California.  The piece was hand built by his great great great grandfather and had been in his family 140+ years.  I promised him I would love the piece forever, and I plan to do just that.  He even took the original skeleton key off his keyring and gave it to me.  He said it had been on his ring for years.  It broke my heart a little. 

there was quite a bit of water damage to the top of it.
i found a tutorial on pinterest that suggested ironing with a damp cloth on the top.
quite a few of the water spots lifted.

I loved the character of the body, so applied an antique cream top but left the imperfections alone.
It is adorned with our fall gourd collection right now.

Dawson and Harper wanted to play soccer this year. 
5 minutes into the first practice Harper quit. 
She wants to do ballet instead. But playing games on the iphone will do.

We got a new pet.
I wasn't excited about it.
Because who really wants to own a rodent?
But Penelope has grown on me...and the kids Dylan loves her. 
It's actually a little embarrassing.

I have been doing some thrifting.
I found these BRAND NEW Salt Water sandals for $2!  Score.

I learned to make artisan bread.
And it is delicious.
Like eat-your-own-body-weight-in-bread-in-a-week good.

And this week we visited the pumpkin patch.  We made the trip with Harper's school class.  The kids thought it was great...we rode a ferry, went on a train ride, and topped it off with kettle corn. 
Only in Oregon would people tromp through the mud and rain to pay $20 for a pumpkin that costs $.40 at Winco.
It's worth it for the memories though.


leaving the patch.  it looks like b just stepped out of the shower.
no no.  just an outing to get a pumpkin.
And I'm caught up!