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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Guest Post-I Am Thankful...

Hello to the 5 readers out there.  I am Dylan, Tracy’s husband.  I have been mentioned once or twice on our blog. I have decided to do a post.  This is the first time (and probably the last) that I will do this but I figured it might be a nice surprise for Tracy.  I am nice.   
So about 7 or 8 days into the month of November, I asked Tracy why she was posting something she was grateful for every day on Facebook.  She looked at me like I was quite possibly the dumbest person in the world.  I should say that I have gotten used to that ‘look’ but this time I couldn’t figure out why she was giving it to me; usually I know exactly when it is coming.  She finally had to explain to me that November is the month of Thanksgiving so people were posting things they are THANKFUL for.  Duh, Dylan. 
So, I have decided to write this ‘Guest Post’ in lei of Thanksgiving.  Here is what I am going to do:
Instead of posting something that I am grateful for everyday of Facebook, I am going to post a few reasons that I am grateful for Tracy on our blog.  I was going to write one thing for every day of the month, but once I got rolling with this, I realized that it would be a VERY VERY VERY long post. So here are some of the reasons that I am grateful for Tracy:
I am grateful for…….
-          The fact that Tracy picks out my clothes.  If it were up to me, I would still be wearing jeans and tee shirts EVERY day.
-          All Tracy does for our kids. She can’t do anything average and goes over and beyond for even the smallest things in their lives.
-          Tracy’s thrifting gift. I know she is always posting on our blog about her ‘awesome’ girlie finds, but she has found me some sweet-A stuff.  Anytime I need something, I just give her a little heads up and before I know it, she knocks it out of the park.  Here is a prime example:
These shoes were found at Goodwill (of course) on sale for $9.99.  She bought them for me and as soon as I got my hands on them, I googled Nike TW golf shoes.  These babies were still on the Nike.com website and retailed for $280.00! I think I am a better golfer because of them. Well, I can keep wishing.

-          Tracy’s kind heart.  There is a homeless guy here in Forest Grove who walks around with his shopping cart full of collections.  Tracy always has felt bad for him.  One night, she saw him sleeping on a bench in the rain and made me go ask him what we could do for him.  So, at 11:15 PM, I went and told him I would get him whatever her wanted/needed.  To be honest, I was a bit scared.  All John, the homeless guy, asked me for was a BigMac and a large coffee from McDonalds.  So I went through the drive-through, got him his grub and chatted with him for a while.  In the end, it made Tracy feel better, and consequently I was grateful for the opportunity.  That was an experience that I never would have had if it were not for Tracy.  She makes me a better person.  Wow, that was a long one.
-          Tracy’s mad cooking skazills.  Every time she isn’t sure what to make for dinner, she throws together some of the breast meals we have eaten.  We have come a long way from the quesadillas and taquitos that used to garnish our dinner plates as newlyweds. Now I would say we eat like kings. 
-          Her awesome nostrils. If you have never had a good look at them, next time you see her just ask her to tilt her head up a bit. It is awesome (and by awesome I mean EXTREMELY asymmetric).
-          The fact that she married me.  This picture recently went viral (thanks to her):
WTH was she thinking?! I was not stoned, I promise.
-          The fact that she is a good cleaner.  I should rephrase that: I am grateful she is a neurotic cleaner.  That woman knows how to clean and it pushes her into a slight state of neuroticism.  Are you catching the ‘neurosis’ theme?  That is no accident.  I sure wouldn’t keep our place as clean as she does.
-          Tracy’s desire to always look cute.  She is one hot momma.  She is a total babe. Okay I will stop now.
-          For the fact that she is photogenic.  This picture speaks for itself.

-          For those rare instances where she doesn’t act her age.  These moments are few and far between but I sure do enjoy them.

Last but not least:
-          That she puts up with me.  I am one immature piece of pooh.  Here is a prime example.  We had family pictures taken a week or so ago.  Our good friend Lisa took them for us. Tracy wanted to get some of her and me.  I said that I wanted a ‘prom-type’ pose.  I stood behind her with my arms around her waist. I told Lisa to count to three and then shoot the picture.  She slowly counted one and two, and then on number three, I decided to do this:

 It was perfect.  The timing was perfect. The look on her face was perfect. The look on my face is not so perfect, more along the lines of creepy.  I am so funny, and a touch inappropriate.
And then there is this one:

This one from when we were dating! Once again, perfect timing and perfect execution.

Tracy is my best friend and the most special person in my life.  I love her and am grateful for all she does.  This list could get REALLY long but I will spare you all for your own sake. 

p.s. I sure used a lot of ‘apostrophes’.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Whenever I doubt Dawsons ability to do something, he proves me wrong.
Tonight he decided he wanted to learn to tie shoes.

My mom gave him a book with pictures and shoelaces attached to it. 
He practiced with it for about 10 minutes.

he was concentrating so hard.

making the bunny ears.

pulling the loops.


He called Dylan right away to share his big news.

And his papa.
And both grandmas.
And his grandpa.
He wanted to wake Harper and Beckham up to tell them...I drew the line.

He plans to wear 'tie shoes' to school tomorrow.

Big boy!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Harpers 4th birthday

For Harpers birthday, she opted to go on a date with Dylan and me.  We hired a babysitter for the boys and took her on a surprise trip to the salon to get her hair, nails, and makeup done. 
She did NOT cooperate.
At all.
Thus the lack of pictures.  These are the only ones:

harper took this picture of us...surprisingly we are centered. 
not bad.
'bad' being her photography skills, not the picture.
the picture is very creepy and strange.

the only picture after the fighting pampering...harper chose pink makeup and a curled side ponytail.
and pink sparkly polish.
she looked so cute...even with her scowl.

Despite her reservations about the salon, she loved it and asked to go back again.

We followed the salon with a quick trip to Target to spend her birthday money (thanks to grandmas Jill and Jill):

She picked out a silver sparkly purse. 
And toted it around all day.
Filling it with all kinds of treasures.

We finished the date at the happiest place on Earth::

And by Earth, I mean Forest Grove.
She loves this place:

We had ice cream sundaes after the happy meal (singular....I did not have a happy meal.  The thought alone makes me throw up a little bit). 

We went home and had a little family party, complete with gifts...:

her favorite gift...

beckhams reaction to the bubble gum...awesomeeee!

her other favorite gift...a harmonica.
thank you hatfields...for the constant stream of music.
she loves it! 

she got TONS of art supplies...paper, colored pencils, sidewalk chalk, and paint.

...more ice cream sundaes:

harper had specific requests for the sundaes.
most important?
good n plenty.

...and singing:
blowing out her candles

She has already been putting her gifts to good use. 
Especially the eyeshadow she received:


It was so fun to spend the day with our girl!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

dawsons birthday....again.

Are you sick of birthdays yet?
I am too.

In September and October, we celebrate 4 birthdays.
I'm. So. Over.  It.

But not so over it that I don't want to post some pictures from our two this month.
Since I have a tendency to drone on and on and on and on and on...
I decided to break it into different posts. 
So if you're So. Over. It. Too....then close this window now.
And don't read the post tomorrow either.
And I won't judge you.

For Dawsons 5th birthday we decided to combine a family and friend party together.  He chose to have 2 friends over for dinner and dessert.  They made pizzas and then candy sundaes (with a touch of ice cream).
Seriously...they were so hyped up on sugar...it was frightening.
I know their mothers really appreciated it...you're welcome.

for the birthday boy

when i was growing up, we always got to use a plate like this for special days. 
i was so excited to find the exact same one at a yard sale this summer for $.50 so i can carry on the tradition.

The guests:

dawson and ryan

harper and sophie

he was there too...

The chefs:

the kids did their own rolling


The sundaes:

Do you think we needed more toppings?
Me too.

it was a mad dash...

making a wish...

blowing out the candles...


PS:  I am watching a show called 'sperm donor: 74 kids and more.'