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Monday, July 9, 2012


There is an expectation that when visiting grandparents house, magic happens.  Memories and experiences that are far superior to any others should be created.
I remember fondly our trips to Oregon to visit my own grandparents...hours in the hot sun by the swimming pool, cartwheels on the front lawn, Dreamsicle cones, and watching hummingbirds stop by to visit.  I remember distinctly the smell of the red flowers that bloomed by the front door and the way the fertilizer smelled.  Every now and then I catch a scent that reminds me of those warm summer days.

True to form, our time so far in Boise has proved that nothing is as magical as a trip to see the grandparents.

One morning we heard chirping inside the house and found a baby bird in the hallway.
Cleo the cat had carefully carried it inside and left it for us to find.
The kids spent the morning helping their grandma nurse it back to health:

They showed it plenty of love:

Whispered sweet words of encouragement:

And showed it proper flying form:

Later that day we put the bird on the front lawn alone and he hobbled away.

our little scantilly clad children, checking to see if the bird had taken flight.

We told the kids that it left to find its family. 
And I'm pretty sure that's a true story.
At least that's what I'm telling myself.

As soon as we arrived in Idaho the kids were introduced to 5 tiny caterpillars.  Grandma explained that in time they would turn into butterflies. 
They were intrigued with the entire process:

Some children were more intrigued than others....constantly watching the net and poking the cocoons in hopes of helping them break out early:

There was MUCH concern for the caterpillars:

After what felt like weeks on end days of waiting and anticipation, our 5 butterflies finally hatched.
It was amazing watching them wiggle their way out of their self-made homes.

Again, some of the children were more interested than others:

b looks slightly cross-eyed in this photo.
i assure you he is not.
his eyeball-loving father would have a hay day if he was.
We watched them for a few days and fed them sugar water on fresh roses:

Said our goodbyes:

And bid farewell to our new friends:

isn't b's wife beater awesome?
we're classy.
And we had our first encounter with a blood sucking fury ball of horror.
A bat.
I'd never seen one up close and personal.  The kids had not either.
I can assure you there was LOTS of screaming when the bat took flight.
And it wasn't from the children:

he made a home 2 mornings in a row in our poolside umbrella.

Here's to the many more memories in store for the Summer.