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Thursday, May 26, 2011

just kids

It's been a big week for the kids.
Yesterday this little lady decided she wanted to get her ears pierced:

We've been discussing it for about a month now.  I was very honest with her about how it would feel...a sharp pinch, painful for a week or so.  She chose to get it done anyway:

in the chair...waiting.
h was so brave.  she only cried for a minute...even though they had to pierce the ears separately.
the grape sucker definitely helped ease the pain.
picking out new earrings with d.
ice cream makes everything better.  especially if gummy bears and sprinkles are involved.

She's growing up too fast.  Before I know it, she'll be borrowing my earrings and not returning them.  And so it begins...

Last week we took the training wheels and pedals off Dawsons training bike. 
Within minutes he was zipping all over the parking lot:

there's been a lot of helmet wearing.

his first bike ride.

he's so happy...now he can keep up with all the 'big' kids in our complex.

Within a few days, Harper decided she wanted to try as well.  I videotaped her first ride, but didn't get any pictures because I don't have 4 arms and 2 sets of eyes.  Today I tried to get her back on her bike for a picture.  She wasn't feeling up to it.  After a month of coughing, I finally took her to the Dr...sinus infection, viral induced asthma, and pneumonia.  I deserve the awesome mother award of the year. 
So no bike pictures.
Rest assured, she looks pretty cute on it.

Another testament to my awesome mothering skills is the fact that Beckham is 21 months old, and I JUST had his 18 month pictures taken.  Better late than never.  He is looking so big...sniff sniff (here come WAY too many pictures):

We just love Beckham and can't imagine our lives without him...he has gotten sassy these last few weeks.  He tells me 'no no no,' 'stop it,' and 'mine.' 
We love him anyway.



  1. the kiddos are getting so big. i can't even believe it! beckham looks like a little boy and not a baby. love them. xoxo

  2. I love the pic of Dawson helping harper pick out earings, priceless! The ones of Beckham are totally cute too!

  3. Love the pictures of beckham! Really cute. My favorite face he's making is the 3rd one down. So mischevious. And fun for Harper. The hardest part for Jenna was waiting a month and a half to change her earrings. Then realizing that she's allergic to any earrings that don't cost $50. That might be a slight price exaggeration.

  4. Beckham's pictures are adorable. I love the second one. And Harper is such a stud! Get it? Just kidding, anyway, Ryan wasn't as enthusiastic about the piercing as I hoped, but I will convince her eventually. Oh and I liked the name Brooks and Benton.