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Thursday, January 24, 2013

christmas 2012

Christmas came and went and I totally sucked at documenting it.
And not just on this forum, but in real life.

For the last few years I have taken a plethora of pictures, leaving nothing about our holiday happenings a mystery.

In fact, I have a family member who has accused me of using this blog as a place to share things that are 'inappropriate.' 
I think she is totally off base.

If you look back through my posts (which would be horribly boring) you will see that I only overshare about things like my struggles in motherhood, nudity of my children, groping, my husband in his underwear, and every single notable moment in my children's lives.

Seriously don't know what she is talking about...inappropriate what???

Here are the 26 or so craptacular pictures I took this year at Christmas. 
Because I have gotten lazy and only snap pictures randomly if it is convenient for me, and if all my kids are cooperating.
Which they never are.
And then it is solely with my iphone, which I swore I would never convert to.

Christmas 2013 (in mid-January thanks to my stellar blogging/organizational skills):
with the hatfield cousins, opening jammies on Christmas eve.

harper finally got the beading set she has been
'wanting for like 3 years but no one EVER listened.'
Okkkkkay diva.
fake Christmas eve smiles, in hopes of something other than coal in their stockings.
also, creeper Dylan in the background.

preparing snacks for santa and his reindeer.

the snacks pre-beckham

someone had a sudden interest in the reindeer's carrots.

and snuck a few nibbles while backs were turned.

writing a note  to santa and the mrs.

this is important stuff.
and while others were writing notes,
some people kept stuffing their faces...
although i'm not naming any names.


i'm keeping this note forever. 
so cute.

we're all about fashion on Christmas eve.
inside out shirt and backwards underwear.

the final snack.  -1 carrot + 1 nibble, -1 sip milk,
+ 1 adorable letter complete with drawing of tree.

every 24th we read the birth story in luke. 
this year dawson was able to follow along.
holy old.
him, not me.

and after bedtime we hit up walgreens when i realized that in my genuine
awesomeness i left all the stocking stuffers in oregon. 
ps: walgreens was full of men. 

christmas morning.  dawson had been nagging hounding
botheringmeincessantly hoping for a light saber.
santa delivered.

again with the backward shirt.
and he slept this way all night.
in a polo shirt.  backwards.
i love having a child who changes his clothes 98 times/day.

excitement.  and fear apparently.

harper received a hello kitty cd player/karaoke machine. 

the tree.

despite the turtle dream light and squinkies he requested from santa,
the highlight of the morning was the $.98 ball water bottle.

happy camper.



uncle jake spent christmas morning with us,
just like he did every year during my childhood.

the only picture with daddy.
and the worst picture ever of my entire family.
no offense.

and one with grandma conklin.

and the worst family shot.

dawson loves uncle jake.

the shirt harper picked out for jake.

modeling her new headband.

the pictures just keep getting better.
and so do the outfits.

the walking barking dog beckham insisted on having.
who he named honey. 

santa must have been hungry.

within minutes of opening gifts, harper had on a new outfit,
new doll in hand, and was working on a new coloring book.

and some people were fast asleep...

...all day.
in the same chair, same outfit, but different occasions.
not naming any names, of course.

everyone had a wonderful christmas...

...well, everyone who was awake for it.


  1. Whatcha going to do with all those extra stocking stuffers now :) Phoebe had one of those dogs. Best remote ever, couldn't be lost.

  2. I love all the pictures. And you took 25 more than I do, so there you go. Also, when did Beckham turn into a full grown man? He is so big. And Ryan would be very jealous of Harper's long, flowing hair, so pretty. And I thought the dozen pictures of Dylan were hilarious, and also that it sorta looked like he was snuggling with a beach towel? Anyway, I miss you and am thinking February might be a good month to visit? Yes?

  3. It's ok I am still getting to my Christmas post too but I'm sure no one reads my blog so I'm cool with that, it's all for my blog book anyway. :) Anyhow your kids are darling! I am cracking up with your youngest eating up all Santa's treats that is hilarious!! And my girls have loved the hello kitty cd player..you must have a budding performer on your hands too! :)