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Thursday, September 8, 2011

summer time, birthday time, soccer time

I feel like we have been trying to cram so much into our 2 week Summer break, I haven't had a chance to post about it.
You're really sad I'm sure.
This post is going to be long... boring... tons of pictures... and not a lot of writing.
But at least then I can feel good that I documented it.
Plus, pictures are more fun than me droning on and on and on and on...
Oh, and these are in no particular order.

Last week we celebrated Beckhams 2nd birthday. If you're dying to see my bare pregnant stomach and fat face, see here.
We started off the festivities with a 24 hour camping trip to Silver Falls.  We drove 2 hours, set up camp, bonfired, and then headed home the next day.  It was quick and we've committed to never going again....until our kids are older, sleep better (and by better I mean in their own beds.  and actually sleeping, not singing and poking our eyes all night) and can set up their own tent:

ready to go camping.

leaving forest grove.

everyone is looking in the same general direction.  success.

harper burned her finger during the bonfire.  not a happy camper (clever, right?!)

we made treat bags for the campers in honor of beckhams birthday...they had all his favorite things:
balloons, stickers, gum, m&ms, glow in the dark bracelets.

the view from our campsite.

When we got home we decorated the house, wrapped gifts, and made cake for the birthday boy:

how cute is that?!

the streamers lasted about 28 seconds.

coloring in beckhams card.

helping decorate the cake.

the birthday boy and dad.

beckham got so excited when we were singing 'happy birthday to you.'  so cute.

the cake was thoughtfully made by dawson and harper. 
and dawsons elbow went right through the top...
don't ask.

opening his cards.

finding $2 from grandma and grandpa hatfield.

his favorite gift...baseball bat.

2nd favorite gift...baseball mit and ball.

i hope he writes like this forever.
not really, but it's just so cute.

In other big news, we have a new addition to our family.

The kids are just smitten.
Especially Beckham, who camps out by Alan most of the day.

Sometime Beckham tries to share with Alan.
So far, he's shared modeling clay, toast, and this:

alan + baseball = almost instant death.
Oh, and Harper picked his name.

And lastly, Dawson and Harper both started soccer this week. They had their first game tonight.
Dawson was his usual self...excited, talkative, and ready to be on the field:

But there were definitely a few non-soccer things going on tonight too:

showing a friend his new batman band-aid.

sporting the shades.

hanging out IN the goal.

examining his new water bottle (jen, that is for you.....no more bottled water here).

and the glasses on the back of the head.

popping bubbles.

ninja?  elvis?  kung fu panda?
 pelvic thrust?!

i don't even know...?!
You wouldn't know it by the above pictures, but Dawson is a LOT more focused this year.

Harper wasn't so excited. 

It takes her a while to warm up to things...people, school, friends.
And apparently soccer:

she sure looks cute though.

she sat out the entire game and people watched most of the time.

She did play for about 11.3 seconds...after a pep talk from Dad:

She was much more interested in playing 'Simon Says' with her team afterwards:

My hope is that she'll learn to really enjoy it.
Or at least get out on the field with her team.

School starts on Wednesday.  Dawson and Harper are in the same preschool class.  Which means I'll have Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings all alone with this handsome guy:

Their teacher is so brave.
And I can hardly wait.



  1. Tracy. Your family is so cute. I LOVE that your fish's name is Alan. Looks like the birthday camping and party was a success. Looks like all is well! xoxo

  2. Loved this post!! Those kiddos are just too cute. I miss them...and you...and Dylan. I hope H warms up to the soccer. And enjoy your time with B!! He is seriously so adorable. And he's getting so big!! Sad. Love you. Xoxo

  3. I love that Beckham tried to give Alan a ball. And Dawson's antics on the field! Harper looks adorable whether or not she ever kicks the ball!