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Friday, January 11, 2013

life in pictures

Today I transferred all my pictures from my phone to my computer.
Because it is having problems and not working and taking forever to do the littlest things.
And every time I go to send a text, take a picture, or log online (you know, the important things) I find myself cursing aloud for all to hear in my head about how I might 'lose it at any second.'

But I also transferred them because I had 2591 pictures on my poor tiny little phone....which is probably part of the reason it is takingforevertodothelittlestthings.

And on that random nonsensical note, a few of my favorite pictures...new and old.

jen got her ears pierced. 


health nuts.

i miss them.
every day.

dylan LOVES these glasses of mine.

looks comfy.


farmers market bouquet.

we met a little old lady with a blueberry bush in her yard.
she gave me berries a few times this summer and we froze some.

even if they are little piggies.

i miss summer.
and the park.
and little exhibitionists.

heirlooms at the market.

i have (almost) perfected artisan bread.

my ever-growing collection of fall gourds.

the sweetest handmade dolls.

oh the wisdom of panda.

weekend get away.

...what happens when 'someone' steals your phone...


...there are about 96 more of these.
you're welcome.

diva getting her nails done.


fish eggs at the hatchery.
it was amazing and interesting.
important work, people.
i'm totally serious.


they are getting TOO big.


...dylan is living in washington state right now for a rotation,
so we facetime in the evenings.
and this is what he does to entertain me.
notice my response in the upper left corner.
he tries so hard.

the man of my dreams.

a nativity puzzle.

the '80s called.
they want their hot pants back.

2 pinks in one pack?

my new vest.
and beckham insisted all day that 'mom is a raccoon.'

baby liam.
so handsome.

fruit snacks + 8 hour car ride =

my favorite purchase this week.
tribal 3/4 sleeve dress.
so cute with tights and wedges.

i am going to hate myself in the morning.

vintage tulip chair.
$5 at thrift city.
cleaned up SO well from its previous state.
i'm considering having it painted.
suggestions on color?

this little boy spent the better part of an afternoon insisting
that his apple was 'a baby dinosaur.'

black eye = all boy.
baby doll = sweet boy.

our romantic anniversary dinner.
we are high class.

...and more face time pictures.
my family is so pretty.

still hot.
you're welcome betsy.

the new bed tent that beckham insists on sleeping in...

...every night.

i live in such a beautiful place.

dinner most nights.
there are some perks to be spouse-less.
let it snow.
chevron, hounds tooth, zig zag, floral, stripes, nordic.
i think i need more patterns in my life.
and in my living room.



  1. 1. Dylan looks like Willy Wonka with the glasses.
    2. In the facetime pics with your hubs, you kinda look naked.
    3. Are you thinking neutral color or something fun. I think you should consider Robin's egg blue or maybe a cobalt.
    4. I miss thrifting like you wouldn't believe. There. Are. NONE. here, cause I live in the middle of friggin' nowhere. Hate Tumwater.
    5. I miss you.

  2. so awesome. Seriously where have you been? Oh, let me guess, taking care of three little kids on your own and by the time you have time to rest you stare at the tv in total oblivion? At least thats what I do.

    Love it all. The vest makes me laugh because I took Jack into a store and told him I wanted a fur vest, in case he needed ideas for my birthday. I put it on and i could not have looked more hideous, main part was because of my huge belly. Jack said it was the ugliest vest he'd ever seen.

    But, he did say he liked the one you were wearing in that picture. hahah, racoon it is!

  3. Yep, that is way too many pictures to have on a phone! I sure enjoyed them though.

  4. You need to do this more often... as in every week. I loved looking at your pictures. Miss you!