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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have absolute no reason for why it's been almost 2 months since I've blogged. It could be because Sonic opened here (finally) and I've been spending my free time there.  Or that I've been too busy cleaning up the remnants of Beckham's potty training.  Maybe it's because it's been unusually sunny here this winter(holla) so I've been trying to spend more time outside...with my 3D friends...not that you guys aren't my friends.  You are.  Promise.

Or maybe it's just because I suck.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it...I suck.

Instead of dwelling on my suckiness I'm going to post a plethora of pictures that recap our Christmas Eve...because it's February and I'm awesome like that.
And by awesome, I mean unorganized.

But before we get to Christmas Eve, I have a pressing dilemma that I need your opinions on...all 6 of you. 
Remember how my hair used to look like this?  All blond and streaked?

does this scare you?  i look like i might jump through the picture and strangle you. 
i won't.

And then I got in touch with my dark side, and went to this:

clearly I did not know that this picture was being taken...

I am bored with my current washed-out drab brown do...and think I need a change. 

That last part was a joke...the perm part.

Also, I'd like to be tan like this again...oh Mr. Sun...please shine down on me:

I am Caspers twin right now....white and pasty.

I digress.

Christmas Eve:
The kids had a program again this year at their preschool...their teachers always go to SO much work...and it always turns out perfectly.


how handsome is this kid???

He also had a speaking part, which we ALL know now thanks to his commitment to memorize it:

i like winter, i like snow.
i like icy winds that blow.
i like snowflakes, oh so bright,
making all the world so white.


i just want to keep her like this forever

And after the program, there was a visit from the Big Guy...and we all got to chat with him:

if you look closely, harper looks like a tiny chipmunk in this picture

Someone was unwilling to cooperate:

The teachers (and by teachers, I mean saints who put up with 24 children 3x/week):

teacher chris

teacher lynda

We were so glad we could all be there to see the kids sing their little hearts out:

On to Christmas Eve...we had company for Christmas.  My Uncle Jake spent 4 days with us, and I think we all wished it had been longer.  It was SO fun to have him.

making snickerdoodles for santa...with uncle jake

Christmas Eve was very low-key this year...which was lovely. 
I've decided that I'll attempt cooking a new type of food each year.  Last year I tried my hand at Greek food.  This year, I decided to do Mexican. 
I made tilapia fish tacos, homemade salsa, and guacamole.  It was divine.
Since I knew the kids wouldn't Mexican food, I was prepared to make them a gourmet meal of their choosing. 
They chose pizza Lunchables:

Because we like to keep it classy at our house.

Before bed, the kids each opened a gift...pajamas, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Hatfield.

I think this pictures captures how they felt about their new jammies:

We made sure to leave Santa cookies and milk:

And the reindeer a treat on the front lawn:

don't mind the bum...he was in jammie-transit when we decided to leave the reindeer oats outside...
see, i told you we're classy.

We tucked the wee ones in bed and watched old home videos while reminiscing about Christmas' past.  It made me so unbelievably the tiniest bit homesick for my parents and sisters...just as it should have. 
Christmas Eve was everything I hoped it would be: great food, delightful company, and three excited little ones.



  1. I'm so glad you're back to the blogging world. I've missed you!!

  2. I've missed stalking your blog... your kids are adorable.

    Your hair looks great any color... but I think you'd look cute with some reddish tones in it. The bonus is it goes with fair skin... if I was brave enough to dye my hair I'd totally be a redhead.

  3. Hey Tracy! WELCOME back! I am sooooo jealous of all the sunshine! Is everything drying out? I am with Rory I think red would be super neat. Otherwise, I think stay dark. Your skin and eyes are more noticeable(sorry for the lame adj I hang out with a two and 4 year old all day). Def. stay dark. Can't wait to read what else you have to say! Miss. YOU.

  4. Didn't you have a bad time with bangs recently? I can sympathize with wanting to have a change. I'm getting more and more tempted to chop my hair again. I think I give up on it ever looking nice when it is long. Oh well.

  5. Sorry Tracy, I forgot to give you my Oh so precious two cents worth of hair advice: I love the length and you being dark is HOT! I love you dark hair. I have gradually been going dark and now don't even miss the blondes. I say got "Melted" Keep the dark on the top have and they melt a color lower I would stick to a subtle melting with a reddish or a carmel. Hope this helps! :)