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Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend review

This weekend was AWESOME (said in a high pitch, off key, sing song soprano voice).

There was sleeping in, movie watching, dinner with friends, and cookies.
Oh, and (not enough) time spent with our absentee father/husband.

There was also Craig's List.  Which always makes for a good time, in my book.

I found an AWESOME (see notes above) dresser in Portland that was sleek, white, and modern.
Oh, and totally damaged. 
It was shipped upside down and arrived at it's destination with a chipped top, detached drawer hardware, and a broken bottom.
So naturally I was intrigued.

I drove the hour (past the ghetto, over the bridge, and through the homeless filled streets of downtown), loaded the 200 lb piece into my car (with some help), drove the hour home holding a drawer on my lap, unloaded the piece (with some help) and then moved it across the house alone because Dylan was occupied with the kids outside.
And I am impatient so I couldn't wait the 15 minutes for his help.
15 minutes feels like a lifetime when there is a project in the wings.

Anyway, after an evaluation and some pondering (and by pondering I actually mean forcing Dylan to look at it and obsessively discuss it throughout dinner and an episode of Law and Order he was trying to enjoy), we decided it needs a new bottom altogether. 
There was some screw tightening and placing of drawers which definitely helped the stability.

And now it's lovely.
Even more than it already was.

Seriously, I am obsessed.
Just ask our dinner guests...because it's all I talked about. 
Which is SUPER fun for everyone.
I'm pretty sure they never want to come over again.

Also, not that price is important, but when you get something for $75 (damaged or otherwise) and the retail value of the piece is more than your car cost (think $2k +) price suddenly is pretty important.
Because I'm high maintenance and like nice things.

Just being honest.

Moving on.
Although I'm sure I'll come back around to the dresser (turned buffet) since it's all I've been talking about for 4 days straight the length of this post.

Another exciting thing happened this weekend.
Want to hear a long story?
Oh, you just did? 
The one about the dresser? 

Okay, well the short and sweet version then:

I have been taking college courses in person, full-time, part-time, and online for 12 years now.  And I finally earned my Associate of Science degree.
At this rate I will earn my bachelors by 2025.

this is the quality of pictures you get when
a 5 year old is playing photographer.

shameless self portrait.
my head looks ginormous.
and this was the best one.

And in other exciting news, Harper has starting writing cute little love notes to everyone in our family (including Penelope, our rat.  yes we have a rat...sick, I know. Dylan The kids adore her.) :
i love you dad.  you are the best dad.  i love you dad.

i love you dawson and beckham.  you are the best brothers.
So sweet.
I love all her little misspellings and irregularities.

And then there was my note:

i love you mom.  i earn allowance.  i hope you do not die.
(3 hearts that actually look like tiny bums.)

'not' is definitely scribbled out here.
Not sure how I feel about my note. 
Although she is apparently excited about the new allowance program that we have implemented.

Happy week to everyone!
Unless of course I die.


ps: I wore this hat all morning and then realized it makes me look like Amelia Earhart.  Not really the look I was going for.  


  1. congrats on your degree! way to stick with it!

  2. I love long stories, especially ones about your craigslist/thriftcity/goodwill finds! The dresser looks fabulous.
    CONGRATULATIONS on your Associates degree, I hope you're proud. You'll have your bachelors in no time!
    Amelia Earhart? I don't know what you're talking about, I think the hat is cute.
    oh, and Harper's letter to you made me laugh out loud!

  3. I love the dresser. It is perfect. And what a steal! Totally worth the drive, I'm sure. I love finding stuff like that, and will tell anyone who will listen when I do. I bet I could turn it into at least a three part series on my blog, so way to go keeping it to one. As for your associates, nice work. I am sure you will complete your bachelor's before 2025. I also really like Harper's notes. I am sure it was a mistake to cross out the word "not." And I agree with Kristina, I see no resemblance to Amelia Earhart. I think you look good in hats. All hats. And for that I hate you. Just kidding.