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Sunday, April 8, 2012

this week

I've totally been slacking in the picture taking department lately.
I feel like the lighting is never right and the kids are always naked, fighting, running around like crazy people busy doing other things. 

This week, I made a resolution to document what we spent our time doing.

It was riveting.
Prepare to be entertained.

Those last 2 statements were dripping in sarcasm.

we see how many people we can cram into our miniature kitchen.
we practice being superheroes.
we make kites out of streamers/paper...
...and fly them.
i'm pretty sure our neighbors think we've lost it.
they're right.

we abuse the privilege of using markers.
we go hiking in the nude.
we talk to each other relentlessly...
i'm so glad they have each other.
we play with bubbles...
and get them on our upturned noses.
we decide we're offended when someone calls us a red head on facebook.
then we try to dye our own hair darker... to avoid being mistaken for a ginger again.
we've never dyed our hair before.
we make a gigantic mess.
we take pictures of our wife's new hair color without giving her warning.
...and again.
we take TONS of self portraits.
we play 'guess who' over and over and over and over.

Yeah, you should be.



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  2. Your hair has never looked red. I think that person needs to see an eye doctor. Know one? ;)
    Harper's hair, on the other hand...