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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I made a trip last Tuesday to the Goodwill bins with my friend Debbie.  She was a virgin binner (yes, that's a real word) and was anxious to experience the chaos and culture there.  She brought gloves along and we both dug in...it was so fun and we both found LOTS (think 4 bags total) of treasures. 
Since last Tuesday, I have been wanting Dylan to take pictures of me wearing my finds.  It's a much better way to show how cute they really are...especially since it's all about how the pieces are worn.
And since last Tuesday we haven't gotten a single picture taken.
So I decided to just lay them out on my bed and show them instead. 
Prepare yourself...these pictures are pretty craptacular. 
Hey, I never said I was good at photography
Anyway, my total was $11.00, and I bought 23 items...which averaged out to about $.47/item.
I'd venture to say this was my best shopping trip ever:

white v-neck boyfriend t-shirt. rubbish.
gray v-neck boyfriend t-shirt. rubbish.
skinny jeans. old navy.

gray pullover with hood (love hoods in oregon). nike.

button up sleeper shirt. victorias secret.
perfect pink tank top. converse.
vintage black velvet vest with cream silk lining. i plan to replace the buttons.
pink, gray, and white tank top with ruffled pockets.  calvin klein.
pink and cream high waisted baby doll camisole. love the lace detail.

white v-neck lounge shirt. love the v-neck detail and button up sleeves. ann taylor.

black and cream stripe sweater. love the thick black bands on the sleeves. converse.

slate gray v-neck ruffle shirt. gap.

coral skinny capris. american eagle.
skinny black pants. these are so thick and have seaming down the front and slits at the bottom. my favorite find. express.

cream corduroy flare capris. i love the buttons at the bottom. gap.

Wizard of Oz Dorothy costume for Harper.  It is so cute, so tiny, and in perfect condition!
Long sleeve blue sweater for Dawson. Gap.
Navy blue shorts for Dawson. Gap.
Long sleeve green plaid shirt for Dawson. Old Navy.
Short sleeve blue plaid shirt for Beckham. Old Navy.
Navy blue mens athletic pants. Nike.
Black and white striped vinyl make-up bag.

The purpose of this post isn't to brag.
It's to prove that the bins are awesome and motivate all of you to come visit me.
Tickets are on sale at southwest.com right now...and we have a hide-a-bed couch.
The end.


ps: you're probably wondering what my kidlets were doing while I was doing my photo shoot:

See?!  Safe and sound. 
And wrinkly because they were in there for almost an hour.


  1. so jealous. you found the BEST things! i need to plan another trip asap. the kiddos are so cute. miss you. SEE YOU SOON!! xoxo

  2. Was that Southwest comment for me?

  3. Holy cow! Great finds!! I found 4 things for $2 when I went last Saturday. I think I'm in love.

    Sierra--just in case it makes me anonymous again. :P

  4. OK Tracy, I have been to the bins, and while I did find great things, most of what I came away with was things that you pulled out for me. You really do have an eye, and can spot the name brands without even looking at the tags. I am glad that you are the one getting all the bargains, you need something positive to offset the negatives.

  5. Wow! You are amazing! You have a gift, my friend. So, do all Goodwills have these bins? I've never seen them at the ones they have in Seattle but maybe I'm not looking in the right spot.

    Your kids are adorable. I throw mine in the bath, too, when I need a moment. Clean kids and a moment to myself, win/win.