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Friday, February 4, 2011

rain rain...stay away

The rain has taken a break for the last few days...it's been wonderful.  I know it is far from over (I'm not nearly that lucky), but for now we've been enjoying the sun:

Now that we're headed out of winter, we are ready for Spring activities...the kids are signed up for swim lessons, Dawson starts t-ball next month, and yard sales start soon, which I'm thrilled about (cue eye-roll Dylan).  Dylan has been golfing twice already (he says, 'when the sun comes out, that's what we do').
We are preparing to move next month...we REALLY love our little townhouse, but we have been on a waiting list for alternate housing here.  It is MUCH cheaper (think free), which will allow us to stay here...as opposed to being forced to drop out of school and move in with our parents, because we can't afford to pay rent.  We will be less one garage, less one bathroom, and plus $777 (per month). We're pretty excited about it.
In light of the fact that we're downsizing, I should be decluttering and getting rid of things.  I did get rid of our couch, but I think we'll have to replace it at some point (yes, we're still couchless).  I picked up this little gem at the Goodwill bins this week for $1.  It is Lane brand, and solid wood.  I am mad at myself because I didn't remember to take a picture of her before the work began...think brown, lots of dings, and several vintage Care Bear stickers on the top (most vintage treasures=wonderful. vintage stickers on furniture=wretched).  I want to put her between my two vintage (wonderful) brown leather chairs:

In other big news, we introduced Beckham to time out this week.  I know I started it MUCH sooner with Dawson and Harper, but...well, Beckham is the baby.  So... he's spoiled (that's what babies are for, right?!): 

Heartbreaking, right? :(

I'll leave you with a happy one:

and one more for good measure:

In addition to moving, swim, tball, and yard sales...Spring means tulip festival, which I'm determined to go to this year.  Rain or shine...probably rain.


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  1. i want that table. i cannot wait for my visit in march to stock up on things i probably don't need. and the baby isn't ALWAYS spoiled...hellllllo, i'm the baby. love your babes. love you. xoxo