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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dressin' it up

*Don't you like when I try to use a pun as the title of my post?  I always have a ton of ideas floating in my head for the title, and generally try to pick the cheesiest one I can.  You're welcome.

It wasn't until our last week in Idaho that we realized we had no dresser to move with us to Oregon.  We also realized we would have very little no closet space (ridiculous), so would need something to store all our things in.
It was then that my very generous mother offered us her extra dresser, that was holding her scrapbooking supplies (and yes, the entire thing was full...remember, she's very creative?!).  So for the last 1.5 years we've been housing our socks and unders in this rusty red colored bad boy:

Since we're moving, I decided it would be good time to paint her up and change the look a bit. 
There wasn't much I could come up with to change...I scoured decorating blogs and magazines but didn't see anything that seemed very 'me,' other than these 2 dressers, which seemed very 'me' (and very out of my budget):

It was like writers block...but with creativity.  So I resorted to a coat of paint and new pulls....fancy right?!
I emptied out the drawers all over the floor and bed...it looked like a hurricane hit our bedroom. 

I drug it downstairs (alone...it was quite the sight I'm sure) and out to the garage to start sanding.  I also took off some of the frame work because it originally sat flush to the ground. 

I drug it back inside to paint it in the entryway of my tiny townhouse...it's only in the 40s here, and heaven forbid I wait a few weeks until it warms up.  I'd rather put the health of my entire family at risk by priming, painting, and sealing inside.
Don't worry, I left the windows open:

The best parts about it?
Aside from the fact that it was fairly inexpensive (I found pulls and handles for $1.00 each at Lowes...yes, please!), I learned to use a drill.  Awesome. 
I also got to spend some time with my husband, who has been MIA for the last 1.5 years.  He not only helped me saw off the existing stubs (aka: legs) but drilled the holes for all the pulls and handles.  Although originally he thought it was a ridiculous idea to paint the dresser, he put on a happy face and really came around to the idea (he always does...he's the best).  I'm already looking for other things I need his 'help' with.
A big thanks to my mother who not only gifted us this piece, but allowed me to change the look. 

I think she'll fit in perfectly in our new place (the dresser, not mother...although I wish it was my mother.  I'd love to have her living with us...and would gladly give up my freshly-painted dresser if she would).


ps: please note the adorable child in the picture on the dresser.  Don't you just want to reach through the computer and squeeze his cheeks?!


  1. holy crap, you are a domestic goddess! i love all of your projects. i love reading your blog. keep them coming, lady. :)

  2. love how this turned out! and nice that dyl face decided to help.

  3. You are so creative...great job with all the projects. I love it. Where are you moving? Bigger and better? or cheaper and better?

  4. Will YOU please come to my HOUSE and fix a few things?!!! I LOVE your style!!!! This piece turned out so very FAB!!!


  5. nice work! what are you using to paint your furniture? one day i'll have the time and energy to do this to some of my own pieces.