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Friday, February 11, 2011

ears, doilies, and french fries

Dawson has been our most unhealthy child...that being said, he is also my most mellow and content.  It seems those things seldom go together...especially in a 4 year old, but we got lucky with him.  His health issues are always related to his ears.  He had chronic (I know what that word means thanks to my medical terminology class) ear infections until he was 18 months old, when they decided to put tubes in his ears.  His health improved significantly after that, but ever since moving to Oregon the infections have returned...I blame the constant rain*. 
So last week when he started complaining of his ear hurting (AGAIN), I knew that we should probably take him to the doctor.  He had a double ear infection...even with the tubes!  They put him on Augmentin and assured me that it should clear up within a few days.
Last night he said 'my ear is hurting...'  Awesome.
I was frustrated by his announcement because I had big plans for today...I'd been promising the kids all week month that we would make Valentines cards and decorate cookies.  I wanted to lump the excitement together on the same day, because the house is in total disarray by the days end...and I can only survive knowing that it's only for one day.

So after all the fun (and cleaning) I took him back in to the doctor today.  Ear infection.  Same ear.  WTH is wrong with my childs ears???
The doctor decided that since the oral antibiotics weren't working, our best option was to give him a shot of Ceftriaxone ( I don't know that because of my class...but my nerdy husband told me).  She told me that they'd pin him on the table with my help...sad.  Two nurses would give him a shot in each thigh while we held him down.  She assured me it would hurt... it would make his blood feel like fire and his legs hurt for up to 2 days...and I was to help torture my mellow and content child.  Double sad.
The doctor was amazing, and could tell Dawson was upset.  She brought him these to wear during the 'procedure.'  She obviously knew the key to his heart...sunglasses. 

this was actually dawson post-procedure when he much happier, but it was the only picture I got of him in his new shades

And to reiterate how much he loves sunglasses, this is a picture of Dawson last night in bed:
yes, he sleeps in them.  uncomfortable, right?!

I promised him a fabulous dinner of his choice if he was brave.
And he was...very.  I think I was more traumatized by the whole incident.  He screamed and cried, but after a short phone call to Dylan, he was once again in good spirits.  I'm so grateful for his content demeanor.
And per my promise, he chose McDonalds for his 'fabulous' dinner.  Sick. 
We opted to go to the drive thru, and on my way home I was quietly sneaking fries in the front seat as every good mother does (I needed to make sure they were fresh and delicious...don't worry, they were).  I realized then that McDonalds has the MOST delicious fries.  Ever.  They are on my LONG list of guilty pleasures...and that got me thinking about my list.... 
Which I'll share now:

-McDonalds french fries
-crawling back into bed in the mornings after a hot shower
-blog stalking
-having my hair braided
-kiwi strawberry Shasta (35 cents at Winco in the vending machines)
-new socks
-white chocolate macadamia nut cookies from Subway (don't go inside when you order these, go to the drive thru or you'll smell like bread for the entire day)
-vacuuming with my Dyson
-pizza from Costco
-reality tv
-shoulder pads (only in some instances... like the really cute 3/4 sleeve black shirt I just got)

Despite Dawsons ear drama, we had a wonderful day full of stickers, frosting, and doilies.
And it makes me grateful for our (generally) good health, the fun we have together, and the love we share. 
And french fries...which make everything better.

my valentine=leftover scraps of black/red felt and a doilie.  sorry, dylan...i got the leftovers

ps: what are some of your guilty pleasures??

*I basically blame the rain for anything and everything I don't like in my life.    


  1. this almost made me cry. dawson is the sweetest. my list of guilty pleasures is like 9000 items long. nice. xoxo

  2. Your blog is so cute. You are such a good mom! You remind me a lot of your mom.. so stylish and crafty

  3. Kate and I love your blog, no guilt here :)
    Roasted almonds by the handful, guilty.
    And Dawson is so brave, as are you.

  4. Kate and I love your blog, no guilt here :)
    Roasted almonds by the handful, guilty.
    And Dawson is so brave, as are you.