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Sunday, February 13, 2011

a spot of sun

The rain is back.
We went 3 days straight with not even a drizzle.  And for a moment in time I thought maybe the rain was gone and it was time for Spring...I let myself get excited..  Which was foolish.
However, last week there was a break in the clouds and darkness (I mean that literally and metaphorically...you know I despise the rain).
There was a yard sale.
While chauffeuring the littles to preschool I noticed that there was an antique store in Forest Grove that was going out of business. 
It has been on Main street for almost 16 years, and I'd been in a few times previously but had never purchased anything.
I do own a fabulous gold charm bracelet from there, gifted to me by my thoughtful and stylish sister Betsy.  It has a Buddha, birdcage with small green bird inside, treasure box, and wishing well ...it's really too cute for words.

Back to my story. 

There was a huge sign on the store window advertising a 'yard sale' and it immediately made my heart pitter patter.  I almost crashed the car turning around to see the sign....pathetic huh?  In my defense, there has been a serious yard sale drought here...I blame the rain (ironic right?  drought...rain).  Or it might be time of year, who knows?!
Saturday morning I rushed over to the antique sale with my friend Lisa.  I was filled with excitement immediately when I laid eyes on this beauty:

Red patent leather belt... in perfect condition...
$1, which is just in my price range. 
We kept scouring the tables and found numerous other 'must haves'...at one point I had 4 lamps in my arms (in my defense, I did put 1 back.  Because only a crazy person would take home 4 lights from 1 sale...ahem).
I found these sweetest bird plates, which I think will be perfect to help organize my jewelry:

Side note: If you've never been to my house (which most of you have not...and by most, I mean the 6 of you reading this), you've never seen the disaster that is my accessory closet:

hats, gloves, and furs...yes I live in Portland and own furs.  i know, i know

purses...some of them anyway


jade box

skeleton keys...one of my favorite things

gloves and bracelets
necklaces...yes, i have them on a thread organizer. if anyone has a better suggestion i'd love it


scarves...again, some
Yes, we live in 1000 square feet and I have an entire hallway closet that is dedicated to housing my jewelry, hates, scarves, purses, and other worthy treasures (including an antique fur stole from my great aunt and a small jade jewelry box from our dear friend Kathie).  So the dilemma is that our new apartment has NO extra closet to house my treasures.  In turn, I have NO idea where I'm ever going to put all my things.  Thus the cute bird plates.  To help contain the chaos.
See... there's a method in my madness.
We wandered further at the antique sale and my friend Lisa hollered that she'd found the real treasure of the day (and she never lies):

I've been looking for a sunburst mirror for a while now, mostly on Ebay and during my thrifting excursions.  Of course, antique is even better in my book (I am my mothers daughter after all).  The best part?
Double score.
I'm looking to add 2 more to my 'collection' and hang all three above my green piece. 
So if you happen upon a yard sale, antique store, or feel in a giving mood (and have one of these gems in your possession), I'd love to add them to my collection.  And I'm not picky...any of the following styles will do:

The antique sale was a total success. 
It reminded me why I'm excited for Spring...yard sales.  And perhaps Spring will also inspire me to clean house and clean out my accessory closet (or soon-to-be lack thereof).  And then I'll have to find another use for those cute bird plates.

ps: don't judge me for my over abundance of accessories.  I know I have a problem. 
But you should see my shoes.


  1. How fun! You are so organized, I really should do something with my stuff as well, but have very little closet space!

  2. i didn't know that was the store that was going out of business!! sad. but i love your finds. and i'm so happy you found that mirror! and i hope when i come there next month there will be a few yard sales we can go to. oh and i'll help you figure out a solution to your accessory issue...maybe take a few things off your hands if needed. love you! xoxo

  3. You should have your own show on finding good deals! I am way too lazy to do this! I can't believe how much jewelry you have. . . but now I really want to see all your shoes.