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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today is moving day. 
You're probably wondering how I'm able to sit here and write a post when I should be cleaning, packing, and moving.
Our new place still isn't ready.  We're hoping it will be this weekend.  So we're just waiting...
That's our life, constantly waiting for something.
In the meantime, I'm having to find other ways to fill my time (I'm not even close to ready to move.  Technically, it's called procrastinating). 
So far, it hasn't been a problem:

trip to the doctor with Beckham (shots...poor little lamb)
walk in the sunshine with the Littles (don't worrry, we're expecting 4" of snow Thursday)
baking dark chocolate/toasted almond scones
hair cut and color (this was a total disaster by the way.  one word: mullet. pictures to come.)
valentines dinner

I'd like to focus on the last three: valentines dinner, baking, and organizing (this post actually does have a point, if I can get to it and stay on track...not likely).

Dylan told me on Valentines day that he had big plans to make me a homemade dinner of my choice.  The only meal I've ever been cooked by this man is a quesadilla...it was delicious, but doesn't really count as a 'meal.'  Because of our schedules, we kept putting it off, putting it off, putting it off.  We finally decided to have our Valentines dinner this last weekend.
I decided on homemade alfredo with chicken, spinach salad, and bread with oil/vinegar.  And cheese on all of it: parmesean. feta. more parmesean.
Have I mentioned I'm addicted to cheese? 
I am.
Let me just say...I'm married to Wolfgang Puck.

We had scones and parfaits for dessert:

It was every bit as delicious as it looks.  And even thought it was 2 weeks late, it still felt special and it was great to spend time alone.

In other exciting news, I FINALLY found a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I've been on the hunt since Dylan and I started dating; chocolate chip cookies are one of his favorites, and my mom never made them growing up (we were a raisin family...not me, but everyone else.  I despise raisins.  And cooked carrots.).  I had a helper, and we made a batch...it seems we ate more dough than we cooked:

They were so delicious.
Chewy, chocolate-y, and soft:

It only took me 6 years to find the right recipe for me..one that produces cookies at the end, not paper-thin pancakes with small bumps in them.
And lastly, while organizing for our move I ran across our wedding pictures.  We had hundreds of pictures taken, and never did a single thing with any of them.  So I'm proud to announce that in a few short weeks, we'll finally have a wedding picture adorning our walls (5 years late).
I'm debating between these two:

Don't we look young?  And skinny?  And rested? 
Now we're just old and fat and haggard.
I remember being really critical of them at the time they were done ...wishing my hair was different, or I'd worn a hat, or that I'd had more color in my bouquet.
I'm finally at a point where I like them, and think I'd like to have one.  We look happy and genuine.
This week I've learned that some things are worth the wait...and even better with the wait.  Like the perfect cookie recipe.  Or the perfect (enough) wedding photo.


ps:  today we went to run errands and I left Dylan and the kids to drive around in the car while I ran into an office for 10 minutes.  They made a run to See's Candies (yum) and this is what greeted me when I came back to the car:

oh, and this:

don't worry, there aren't this many left now


  1. i'm sad you can't move. oh well. you were the prettiest bride. and i love sees. DEELISH. oh and harper looks like such a big girl. give those babes a big kiss from me. xoxo

  2. All those photos made me hungry :o) What a delicious dinner!! Lucky girl. And congrats on the cookie recipe...I understand completely. Who knew one kind of cookie could have so many different recipes to choose from? Can't wait to see pics of the new place. And the mullet :o)

  3. Can you please post your recipe??? Mine are always flat pancakes :) and I love your wedding pics, I haven't done a single thing with ours either, gives me hope that one day I might :)

  4. alright. sucky to move. I am a bit experienced in that area! I hate moving!!! It doesn't matter if its across the country or across the street. crazy! I wish i lived close to help out. stinker. I love the wedding photo of you guys kissing. love it. I also am going to need to get that cookie recipe asap. sweet.

  5. no fail chocolate chip cookie recipe:
    via my fabulous and generous friend mikelle bailey

    2 Sticks Butter
    1 C. Brown Sugar
    3/4 C. Sugar
    2 Eggs
    1 tsp. Vanilla
    1/2 tsp. Salt
    1 tsp Baking Soda
    3 C. Flour
    1 bag Chocolate Chips

    Cream butter & sugars. Add egg & vanilla and mix well. Add salt & bkg soda & mix. Add flour, mix. Then finally add the chocolate chips.
    Bake at 350 degrees for ABOUT 10 mins. Sometimes I bake at 325 because my oven runs hot...the key is to NOT OVER BAKE them...when you think, "they could probably use another minute", TAKE THEM OUT!! You can always put them back in if you need to. They will still cook a little more as they cool on the cookie sheet. Wait until they cool to transfer them. Enjoy! (and you will)

  6. We're glad your "move" is over and hope that the settling in is speedy. Brandon and I agree that you both look very similar now to your wedding photos. You have aged well. :) Fat and haggard?! Hardly.

  7. I LOVE you blog Tracy. It is so you. It makes me feel like we're hanging out at Old Farm chatting. I'm glad the move went well for you guys. Free rent is definitely worth downsizing for! That's amazing.