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Sunday, February 27, 2011

top 10 list

I really have nothing to say, no interesting stories, and no good pictures to share.  Should make for a great post.
I have an excuse though...we've been moving for the last 2 days...when I say 2 days, I really mean 21 days. 
It has literally taken us 3 weeks of organizing, decluttering, and packing to be ready.
We downsized and ditched our garage (and laundry room. and washer dryer. and a 1/2 bath...but who's keeping track, right?!)...consequently we have a plethora of things decorations just sitting around.  The yellow table I painted here, the beloved mirror here, and even my retro avocado treasure here...all just sitting around.  Sad.  And let me just say that in the last 2 years we went from 2400 square feet to 1000 square feet...I've already parted with a LOT of my treasures.
So instead of sulking (there's been no time for that.  But in the back of my mind and tip of my tongue it's there) about the things we gave up in moving to our new house, I've decided to make a detailed list (because that's just what I do) of all the wonderful things about it:
1-new carpet...in pictures, you'll think it's actually from the '70s, but it's not.  It's brand new and clean and wonderful.
2-free...that's right, no rent.  And because of our free rent, we can afford to stay here.  All of us.  Our previous plan was to either take out more loans or send part of our family back to Idaho (by part, I mean the kids....alone).
3-friends and neighbors near...the complex has lots of students.  We're all poor, and it's free, remember?
4-the floors don't creak...in our last home, the floors were so noisy it would literally wake the kids up at night.
5-tons of hot water and strong water pressure...also a problem at our last house.
6-closer to the Goodwill....need I say more?
7-the kids love it...they were so excited to move, and have already adjusted really well.
8-the master closet is large enough to store (some of) my shoes....they were previously in the garage because of our lack of closet space.
9-tot lot on site...the kids are thrilled.  We spent 30 minutes there yesterday...Beckham ate a snowball (mixed with bark), and Dawson and Harper played in the mud.  I'd say it was a huge success.
10-it already feels like home...I'm most grateful that no matter where we go, it feels like ours because we're all together (cheesy, but true).
We are so grateful to be here.
I'll post pictures of the new digs as soon as I can walk through my front room.  And find my camera.  And have recuperated.

ps: I realized that this is our first of a potential 5 moves in the next 3 years...awesome. That makes 7 moves in 5 years.  Double awesome.
Oh, and because I have serious issues with a post and no pictures, here is a picture of my sister Betsy...who will be here in t-minus 23 days...:

...not that I'm counting.


  1. I'm glad you guys are finally here!

  2. yesssssss. i'm happy you are all moved...oh and that you have new carpet! and i'm excited to get all the treasures you want to pawn off on me. thaaaaaanks. oh and one more thing...wth is with that picture of me?? nice. not. seee you soon! xoxo

  3. Ok so I ran across your blog today and I totally know how you feel moving is just crazy and with all the "stuff" kids bring with it makes it even crazier! We have moved like 7 times in the 7 years we have been married...fun times! Anyhow you have such a cute family and good luck in your new place! :)