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Sunday, January 30, 2011

sofa, so good

Last week I sold our couch.
I decided I'd grown sick of the cheery red color.  I really had no game plan at all when I did this.
Since I've STILL been unable to find a replacement, we're living with this arrangement (like throw pillows, I also have an obscene number of chairs):

And I have to say, so far so good.
Although the kids are a bit sick of it...they yearn for the good ol' days of jumping on a plush couch, ripping the cushions off, and jumping off the arm(none of those things are allowed, but still frequent happenings).
So I've been looking.  I actually started looking for a new couch about 3 months ago...and I've been diligent (sounds far better than obsessive or neurotic) about scouring every website.  Although I haven't found our best fit yet, I am bound too sooner or later.  For now, these are a few I'm considering lusting after:

And this is the one I'm fantasizing over, but feel that $2850.00 might be out of our price range, since our income right now is $0 (what can I say?!  I'm very practical):

Isn't she lovely?


PS: what I really want to do is just have an entire living room of mismatched chairs.  But then what would the kids use to practice flying off?!


  1. I wish my real living room that "matches" looked as good as your "make-do" living room... Geez, I hope I get a job soon! Although my first project will be our bedroom :)

  2. Tracy, when I have a house (oh to have a house!!) I'm gonna have you decorate it. I love what you do...and I'm gonna have you teach me the art of yard sale-ing

  3. I really like the first option but I am partial to the slate gray myself. But I am sure whatever you come up will look fab.