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Thursday, July 7, 2011

summer time

It's officially Summer here in Oregon.
The sun is out (mostly), the farmers market is in full swing, and the last few days we've devoured ice cream by 11am....yeah, I'm awesome like that.
Summer means time at the beach...and by beach, I don't mean sunkissed skin and pina coladas on warm sand...I mean water so cold it gives you an instant headache and wind that can literally sweep away small children.  Last week we went to Lincoln City with Dylans family, to celebrate the 4th of July:


cousin camdyn

cousin kaden

dylan and beckham

beckham and me

the hatfield boys
nap time with grandma jill
uncle tyler

cousin berkley
The kids had SO much fun with their cousins.  And everyone was happy....mostly:

We played at the beach, walked the pier in Newport, and made a few Goodwill runs (are you surprised?!). 
Dylan has been wanting to go deep sea fishing for some time now, and finally had the opportunity while we were there.  They had the first salmon catch of the season:

man i don't know, dylan, grandpa leon, uncle richard

They also dropped crab pots...we enjoyed them that evening with salad.

We are grateful that everyone was willing to travel so far to see us.  It was a wonderful week full of sun, family, and fun.
I love Summer.



  1. love it. and in a few short days that will be usssss. yes. squeeze the kiddos. xoxo

  2. I am envious of the salmon & crabs. Probably won't be doing any of that with the Conklin's, eating it yes, but catching it with our own hands, probably not.