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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

pretty in pink

My last few posts have been pretty somber. 
Which is strange because I've been feel really great lately...the sun has been shining.  The kids are out of school.  Dylan is home more (holla). 
I am committed to not being such a Debbie Downer (no offense to my friend Debbie, who is almost always chipper and happy)...because no one likes a downer.
Last week we took the kids to the Duyck Peachy Pig Farm...I know what you're thinking. 
What is that!? 
I thought that also...
It's a farm with the most delicious assortment of fruits, vegetables, and you can pick them yourself.

I, of course, took only 1 picture the entire time we were there.  Because I'm awesome like that. 
And it's not even a good one:

Dawson looks like the biggest ragmuffin ever.  Oh well...Go Brasil!
Anyway...the reason for the lack of pictures is that we were too busy shoving our faces picking strawberries. 
26 lbs to be exact. 
But I'm happy to report, I didn't waste a single one...except for a few that Beckham threw in the bucket...he really wasn't as picky as he needed to be.
It made for a busy weekend of all things pink:

there were about 26 katrillion (yes, that's a real amount) more berries than this.

it only took 45 minutes to pick 26 lbs.
but it took me hours to cut and wash all the berries.

26 lbs of strawberries made 8 containers of freezer jam, 2 containers of pureed berries, 4 milkshakes,
1 fresh pie and 3 happy kids... who munched on them for 3 days straight.

my immature husband who was not cooperating...but was enjoying his milkshake.


prepping the berries for pie.

i decided to make homemade crust. 
and it turned out flaky and beautiful...

until it was left too close to the edge of the counter and beckham took a big chunk out of it.

fresh strawberry pie.

And while we're on the subject of pink, I wanted to show this light pink dress I bought a few weeks ago at that amaaaaaazing antique sale: 

It has layers and layers of filmy organza on the skirt.  And the top is 3 layers is thicker organza with a cotton lining:

My absolute favorite part though, is the thick floral band around the sleeves and waist:

Speaking of sleeves...when I wear it, I feel like Anne of Green Gables.  Because of the puffed sleeves.
It has a few spots on it...but you get what you pay for...and I paid $.50 for it. 
So I guess I'll live with the spots.
Oh, and I decided to go dark last week...I have been blonde my whole life.  Except for 2 weeks when I was in college...
freshman 15 + bland brown hair = fat heffer. 
But I've decided to revisit the idea.
And I think it's fun for now.


ps: don't you think Harpers outfit is stellar?  She wore this out today:


  1. Love the brown! Wish I could find a pretty brown color that would stay in my hair and not make look like a blondie or Morticia.

  2. I love your dark hair. You NEVER looked like a heffer freshman year or any other day in your life!

  3. Yum to the strawberries and Yum to the dark hair! I saw you on Sunday and thought you looked fetching! I didn't say anything about it then cuz 1)I wasn't sure how long you'd had it and thought I might sound like I was WAY behind the times, and 2)it was time for the Sacrament and that probably wouldn't have been considered reverent... (just sayin').

  4. We think Flower's outfit is pretty appropriate for the name she now goes by.

  5. That dress is SO gorgeous! Love this post! I'm inspired to go pick some berries and make some pie!

  6. That dress is so pretty. And I also told Scott about Dylan's giraffe tongue, which I see made an appearance on the blog. Oh, and I LOVE Harper's outfit.

  7. so fun!!! I want that strawberry pie, looks yummy!