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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I've been out of town for a month...literally.
Boise-2 weeks
Lincoln City, OR-1 week
Lincoln City, OR-1 more week
Traveling is fun, but I am exhausted.  And I've realized that vacation (with children in tow) is a sacrifice...and every parent that goes to the effort to take their children on vacation, is a saint. 
Because it's a LOT of work.
Here are a million few pictures of our Conklin coast trip...to say it was fun would be an understatement:

cousin betsy

walking to the beach


don't they look like twins in this picture??


papa and the kiddos

our group at the park with great aunt shirley and uncle bob

beckham and papa

the cousins

beckham and dylan

the hatfields

dylan, harper, and beckham

flying the kite

the boys, trying their luck

harper LOVED the kite

aunt betsy helping beckham

aunt jennifer and cousin kate

sisters (minus jacque...lame)

uncle matt and beckham

uncle daniel

aunt betsy

...and I just wanted to throw this in for good measure....there was a LOT of this going on with Harper this week:

...and I'm not sure why?  Maybe she's losing weight...

This is the 20th year our family went to the Oregon coast. 
And I'm counting down the days until year 21.


ps: we went to the Goodwill in Lincoln City and I bought 1 thing:

...an antique jam/preserves holder.  It has 3 jars with lids and a cradle for each  It's very cute.  But that's all I bought.
don't worry though...I hit up the bins right before I left.  Pictures to come...

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  1. loved this vacay. i CAN'T wait for next year. oh and i love that matt is wearing your sunglasses in that picture. very stylish. and masculine. love you. xoxo