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Thursday, July 21, 2011

finds and other treasures

Last week I went to the bins. 
I met 2 of my sisters and my aunt there...my sister Jen had never been.  I'm pretty sure she thought she'd died and gone to heaven.  
It was a perfect afternoon...not too crowded, hours of uninterrupted digging (with no kids), and lots of treasures.
I spent $12.00 I think...I'm not exactly sure, because we all paid together.  By doing this, we hit the 25 lb mark and our price dropped to $.89/lb. 
Have I mentioned that at the bins, you pay per pound?  It's one of my favorite things about the whole adventure....the more you find, the less its costs.
It's pretty amazing really.
Oh, and my photographer has been busy lately studying, taking midterms, and golfing a lot working hard in school....so I fashioned this screen as a backdrop for my clothes...which seems to be working better than trying to take pictures of myself wearing the clothes.  Yes, I actually tried it and it was a totally disaster...because I don't know how to use the timer on my camera:

...see what I mean?  Awesome huh?
Anyway, on to the finds.  Kid stuff first...there is always a plethora of kids things. 
I'm pretty sure that all of Oregon could clothe their children for an entire year on things ONLY from the bins (and I think they should...because it's cheaper.  and more fun.  and better for the earth...what do you expect?!  I'm pretty much an Oregonian now):

black cable knit hoodie for harper, old navy.

gray baseball pants for dawson, mlb brand...aren't they small??
and cute??

brown khaki shorts for dawson, gymboree.

polka dot swimsuit for harper, circo (target)...this is brand new.  i love buying used, but i might draw the line at used swimwear...or underwear...or lingerie...you get the picture.

fleece nightgown for harper, carters.

striped cotton layered t for dawon, gymboree.

cream footless tights for harper...they are SO cute and will be perfect with skirts and boots for fall.
i wish they were my size.

sage green sandals for dawson, keens...i know they are kind of fugly, and look like a mix of a teva and croc but they're really practical and perfect for soggy spring...and fall...basically all year in oregon.
And here are the things I found for me...it wasn't my biggest haul ever, but one of my best for sure:

camel and cream cardigan with gathered sleeves, halogen

black and cream striped cotton t, mossimo (target)

purple corduroy vest, BCG

neon pink graffiti t, rusty.

rust orange and yellow high-waisted chevron skirt, target

black high-waisted pencil skirt, gap

maroon, orange, brown block skirt, bebop..
...which reminds me of the song 'mmmm-bop' by hanson brothers...
...and I've had it in my head for 3 days.
 you're welcome. 

gray corduroy skinnies, forever 21

And my favorite find of the day...and maybe my favorite of all time:

vintage floral suitcase

Can you believe it??  And it's in perfect condition...whoever owned it previously must have never used it. 
And then there was this:

vintage floral suitcase #2

Seriously two of the best finds ever.  They remind me of a suitcase I found on one of my first shopping trips to the bins, here.
And I actually can't take credit for finding them...because my aunt and sisters had them when I got there and gifted them to me...which I'm grateful for. 
19 items (1 unpictured...a brand new, forest green merino wool sweater vest for my dad...think Chandler on FRIENDS) and $12.00 = $.63/item. 
Oh, and I wanted to show this because it's one of my new favorite accessories:

It's a flower made from a vintage men's necktie.  And it can be worn as a headband, bracelet, or anklet.  Tied on a purse or lampshade.  Used as a belt or accessory on a sweater.  I love that they're vintage...and repurposed.
...plus my mom is the creator and she's selling them at a boutique in Oregon. 
So that makes me love them even more.
Aren't they cutesie???


ps: have you had any noteworthy finds thrifting lately??


  1. Love it all! I wish there was a place like that around here, but good clothing finds are few and far between in this small city. Although I did pick up a coral corduroy blazer by Tommy Jeans at a yard sale for a buck last weekend. I was pumped. If I'm ever in Oregon I'll have to get some more info from you about these Bins. :)

  2. I am amazed every time I see your finds. Are the Goodwill stores exceptional in Oregon or something? How often do they have the bin sales? My Mom's temple bag looks identical to the first floral bag you have pictured!

  3. I don't even know where to start. Hmmm, maybe the cardi, or the gray skinnies. But those bags are AwEsOmE! I wish Scott were here more so we could go dig together. I am thinking maybe Saturday, if you're interested?