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Monday, July 25, 2011

28 things...

...that you may or may not know about me.
And may or may not care about...probably the latter.
In honor of my 28th  birthday, which is today.
I don't really feel that old...maybe it's my immaturity.  Or youthful nature.
Or sheer denial.

i am the second oldest of 4 girls
when i was young, all i wanted to be was a mom
i love to cook and bake
i have a fear of sharks
if i could change something about myself, i would wish for more patience...and possibly a new nose
i am addicted to cheese
my pet peeves include: the misuse of 'your and you're,' children wearing leashes, the word breath
i am taking college courses in hopes of earning a degree....someday in the distant future
my dream job would be a personal shopper
i wish i could play a musical instrument
my favorite color is black
i could never live without mascara...because without it, i look 8 years old
my favorite thing about oregon is the goodwill...and delicious berries
my first child was a puppy named grace...and i treated her like a human
being a mother is the hardest thing i've ever done
i love old people
i wanted to marry dylan on our 2nd date
i wish i had nice handwriting...like my sister jennifer
i have a major sweet tooth and eat truffles daily (thanks to my friend lisa)
my favorite flowers are peonies
i should have been born in the '70s and love anything retro-inspired
i vacuum every day...at least once
i own over 30 pairs of jeans and 70 pairs of shoes.  my name is tracy...and i have a problem.
if i don't have a project to work on, i feel claustrophobic and mopey
i love the show 'flipping out' on bravo
i could eat chips and salsa every day
i am not creative in any way...but try to be
i say the word 'totally' far too much

If you read through that entire post, you have officially filled your 'pointless information' quota for the day....or possibly month.
Every birthday that rolls around, I think about my tiny sweet mom.  And wonder how she ever (naturally) gave birth to an 8 lb+ baby.  And how my dad almost missed my birth, because he ran to the store for Certs and gum.  And how my older sister was not at all excited about my arrival (even after being bribed with a big-wheel bike), but we quickly became the best of friends (and by quickly, I mean 18 years...up until then she still thought I was annoying.  And in her defense, I totally was).
And then I think about the birth stories of my own 3 kids...and how grateful I am that they are ours.  
I think my old age is making me nostalgic.

Yah for birthdays!



  1. Tracy - I love reading your blog! Even the 28 random things about you :) Happy Birthday - I hope you enjoy yourself!

  2. Well Happy Birthday! I feel the same way about not having projects... it drives me (and therefore indirectly Cam) crazy!

  3. Happy Birthday Tracy! I hope you had a fun day

  4. I seriously love your blog. You are hilarious about your nose! You have a cute nose....I don't see why you have such issues with it...and you are one of the most creative people I know!