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Sunday, July 31, 2011

i think i have a problem...

Last Monday was my birthday.  It was easily the best one I've ever had.
It all started Sunday...I had a 3 hour uninterrupted nap. 
It was divine.
That night, my sweet husband had a few friends over for dessert to celebrate...it was a surprise.  I jumped and almost cussed when I walked in the door and everyone screamed at me. 
We had delicious cheesecake and there was lots of talking. 
I actually lost my voice.
But it was totally worth it.
The next morning I woke and decided the day would be best spent thrifting.
And it was.
Look what I found: 

I think I have a problem.  I can't see one of these without buying it. 
So what started as a cute owl trivet purchase has quickly turned into a family of 8....and a weird obsession.
They live on my green credenza. 
And I think I should stop buying them...because it's getting kind of creepy.
Also I found a new thrift store in town called Thrift City. 
It definitely is competition for the Will. 
I found AMAZING clothes (which I definitely need more of) for $.50-$1.50. 
It was like a humongous yard sale.

My mom and dad gave me a watch (which I've become a collector of) and I love it:

My wrist looks totally manly in that picture...I'm not sure why.  And the hair on my arm doesn't help the cause.
It's a harm...that's hand/arm.
King of like cankle.
I feel like I'm getting off track here.

About a year ago I was talking to my friend Lisa about a little old shack that I've fallen in love with.  It sits right off the highway and we pass it every time we drive into/out of town...have I mentioned that Forest Grove is in the middle of NOWHERE?? 
It is.
So the shack is practically falling over and hasn't been cared for in years.  For some reason I really love it...and when we move away and leave this life in Oregon, I know this is one of the things that will stick out in my mind.
She's an amazing photographer, and for my birthday she gave me this framed print...:

...and truffles of course. 
Everyone should have a friend like her.

Dylan is sending me to the spa for my birthday...it really is the best gift ever.  It's a facial, massage, manicure, and pedicure.  And I plan to go to lunch afterwards.  And rumor has it that there are some bins near there...which I've never been to.  It's going to be 4 hours of total relaxation. 
Not to rub it in.
But I'm pretty excited.

I received calls, texts, treats, and gifts on my birthday.  I felt completely spoiled.
It was wonderful.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with owl hoarding or birthdays, but Beckham has been potty training for 2 days.  And has only had 1 accident. 
I'm sure it's a fluke, but it's thrilling really.
I just keep thinking about how this is the last time I'll ever potty train again.
And I'm pretty excited about it.

ps: I got a HUMONGOUS mirror at a yard sale this weekend and can't wait to repaint it.  Hopefully tomorrow.


  1. I love your owl trivets! I have a thing for owls. Where are you finding them? I would love one for my kitchen. If you find another buy it for me and I will pay you and get it when we finally meet up in Boise! They have an owl cookie jar at Anthropologie that I totally love... But of course it is $99which I don't love. I am currently hunting for a cute retro cookie jar. Ideally want the "Cookie Time" one that Monica has on friends. Mike actually found it on eBay last year but it ended up going for too much money for us. Anyway...I am sorry for ramblings!

  2. I love your collections..they are so fun. I also am in love with that old house. What a beautiful picture and thoughtful friend. I am so glad you had such an awesome birthday..the kind that just keeps giving. Nice!

  3. I love your posts Tracy! I can't wait to read each blog post just so I can laugh(in a good way). Send the kids over if you want to paint your mirror. I owe you big time.