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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


As I type this I am sitting on my couch, watching Flipping Out and thinking about how lovely it feels to have a sunburn.
We've been outside so much lately....I'm pretty sure my children think we live at the park. 
I like it that way.
'Tis the season after all...and by season I mean the 2 months it lasts in Oregon.
Since we've been outside so much, I haven't been thrifting much.  It's sad really.
But I have had a few noteworthy finds lately...the meaning of 'noteworthy' being:
1. clean or new condition
2. either: trendy/inexpensive or classic/expensive
3. totally awesome
4. oh, and cheap
Now that we're all on the same page, here are the things I'm excited about lately:

lisa lill diaper bag. retail: $149...i am saving this for a special someone to get pregnant...
not me. 
i paid $7.99.

isn't it cute???  brand new.

david kahn jeans. retail: $165.
new with tags.
i paid $9.99.
...and I was SO excited when I found these...I think I screeched in the store:

biviel black leather mary jane pumps. retail: $79.
new with tags.
i paid $6.99.

i love the zipper detail on the toe.

i wore then with a skirt and it was cutesie.
Here's a link since you can't really tell JUST how perfect they are: prepare yourself for cuteness.
That's all...well, all the noteworthy things. 
Don't worry, there have been lots of other purchases, just nothing worth mentioning. 
If you don't believe me, ask Dylan.  I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a crazy hoarder. 
And I am.  A little.
Oh, and remember my above list?? 
#2 refers to classic.
And I think stripes are classic.
Don't you?
I need a few more stripes in my closet...:



  1. Ummmmm.....I'm pretty sure that I live in Oregon and DON'T find dealz like you do! Pleeeeeazzzze for the LUV take ME with YOU next time!

  2. i would like all of those things. yes please. miss you. xoxo

  3. Love...LOVE the shoes! And the dress at the end. I'm also hoping that special someone gets prego soon! That diaper bag is to cute!

  4. Today I was on some random blog and an advertisement for those exact shoes popped up! Seriously. Still in stores, still $80, and you got them dirt cheap. So completely awesome.