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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I don't know where the time is going.
March is almost over, and I feel like it just started. 
I spent much of the month organizing our new apartment.  It is completely done, other than a few outstanding projects.  By few, I mean several.  I have a swag lamp that needs a chain cover (this requires sewing, which I don't do.  Should make for an interesting project).  I have 2 lamps that need to be painted and shades recovered.  I have a side table to paint.  Harpers room needs 3 canvases decorated...paint, fabric, or paper??? (this is not rhetorical, I'd love suggestions).  And lastly I found a DIY blog with a lovely sunburst mirror that is calling to me....I feel that April is going to be busy.
I'm excited about the way Harpers room turned out.  Not because of it's cuteness, but because of the cost of it all.  You know, the important things, good prices:

this is the best view i could get...the room is just too small. 
curtains: $6.24/set. lamp: $9.00.  bedspread: $.70.

cube shelves: $3.24.
 harper picked out the trinkets.  notice the metal piano...it plays music and is lined with red velvet. classy.

ceramic owl: $1.99
Harper is really excited about her room, and has already stuffed her bedside table with necklaces, Barbies, Hello Kitty slippers, and books.  It's already feels more like home.
Here is a picture of the smallest bathroom in the world (excuse the awful lighting...another plus):

I would have posted more pictures, but I couldn't squeeze inside.  You aren't missing out though, the toilet/tub are the only unpictured items in the bathroom.  No, I'm not exaggerating and yes, it really is that small. 
In addition to the moving/organizing/cleaning, we ended the month with a visitor:

aunt betsy and beckham
Betsy came to stay with us while Dylan was away.  It was SO fun.  We had 5 days of eating, laughing, and shopping.
The eating: Aside from our daily soda runs, we found time to be in the kitchen a little.  We made grilled salmon with snow peas and red potatoes.  The next night we had tilapia fish tacos with home made guacamole:

We also made a roasted vegetable orzo with lemon sauce.  Oh, and there were a few bags of salt and vinegar chips tossed in there.  And a few (dozen) white chocolate macadamia nut cookies:

making cookies for aunt betsy
don't worry, these didn't last long.  we ate them for breakfast. and lunch. and maybe dinner.
I think I gained 12 lbs.
The laughing: We had an afternoon alone (that's right, no kids...it was heavenly) and decided to go shopping (surprised??).  On our way home, we noticed a carnival in the Winco parking lot....that's right, Winco.  Are you fearing for our safety?  Me too, a little.
3 words: Ring of Fire. 
We bought our tickets from a little old carnie, with no teeth.  We snapped pictures of ourselves and joked that the carnies had webbed fingers and smelled like cabbage.  As we hung upside down and I again questioned our sanity, I realized how long it had been since I'd laughed like that.  My stomach hurt and my cheeks were sore from smiling.  Sisters make everything more fun.
The shopping: During our time together, I think we went to the goodwill 11 times.  Some we visited twice.  They were just that good. 
The diamonds in the rough??   Leather purses, skinny jeans, Banana Republic sweaters, vintage Talbots black skinny belt, J. Crew sweater...the list goes on and on and on.  And on.  If you don't believe me, ask Betsy.  She had to take 2 extra suitcases home...completely full.
Aside from the clothes, I've had a few other finds. 
Prepare to be envious:

vintage floral suitcase

brass bird.  a must have.

i've been wanting a cake plate, but fancy glass did not seem my style (or safe with the little rats running around my house).
  i found this '50s metal one with a plate, square cover, and long wooden handle.  it is just what i wanted.
Doesn't it make you want to grab a flight to Portland?
I promise to deliver a wonderful vacation full of good food, great laughs, and tons of shopping. 
Oh, and cookies for breakfast.

ps: we had a little photoshoot while Betsy was in town with the kids.  They were cooperative (mostly) and she captured a few good ones.  I might be bias, but those are some of the sweetest faces I've seen: 


  1. Oh, it's so nice to know that someone else goes to Goodwill as much as I do. You got some great stuff! I cannot believe you went on that rickety old ride.... why are the carnies there anyways? It just causes a car full of whining every time I drive by with my kids. And, can I come over to your house and eat fish? Seafood is banned from mine because Shawn hates the smell. Thanks to your picture I am totally craving some now!
    Oh, and one more thing.... your kids are adorable. I just love the picture of Harper (and the quote on her wall)! Goodnight!

  2. You are hilarious!! My inlaws have a sunburst mirror that I have been so tempted to steal and mail to you. I'll let you know. I must find a goodwill here, you find the cutest things and I LOVE the suitcase.

  3. best vacay ever. thank you so much for having me. i can't wait to come visit again! i loved the ring of fire. and the cookies. and the shopping. and the laughing [constant]. and the phone messages. and newsies. and packing. and the will. and the pictures. and the rain [ok, that's a lie]. and the pop. and all the food. you're the best. love you so so much. xoxo

    ps...it's after the 28th so the home depot now has extended hours..they're open til 10.

  4. Absolutely love the rooms and pics!

  5. I love Harper's bedroom- I want to know how you managed such an awesome bedspread for such a sweet price tag? I'm also jealous of your goodwill finds- especially that suitcase.

  6. Love you. I am saving my money for a flight and i will be coming.....wierd? well too bad.

  7. Her room looks great! I think you should do paper or paint. How did the lamps turn out? I just went to the Goodwill today but was grossly disappointed. Although I found some cute wall cubes but decided to come home and sleep on it. They will probably be gone tomorrow. What is wrong with me?

  8. Harper's room is so cute! Here is a blog that has an idea or two about decorating with fabric. Here is one I like: http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2010/02/decorate-my-home-part-9-wall-hangings.html. I need you to come over to my house to decorate it. How about this... when I am fithly rich (after optometry school of course) I will hire you to come decorate! You really were meant to be an interior designer. You have the eye for it. :)