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Monday, October 17, 2011


I have been meaning to blog all week.
But instead, I sat out in the sun (for 6 hours today...it was that nice!), stuffed myself with caramel apples, and played with my kids. 


dawsons tidy paints

harpers untidy paints

Photo op:

And I'm not even a little sorry.

We've had a great run of luck at our house these last 2 weeks.
It all started when Dawsons last soccer game. 
He had played his little heart out all season...see?
The last game of the season, I promised him a date to the movies (with treats) if he scored a goal.
About 1/2 way through the game, I heard cheering and an excited little boy screaming to his mommy. 
However, the mommy missed actually SEEING the goal, because she was cleaning dog poop off this little naughty:

Yes, dog poop.
My life is awesome.

So I told Dawson a little tiny white lie and said I saw the goal. 
And we screamed and high-fived and jumped up and down.
I just couldn't stand to see the disappointment.

Dawson scored 2 more goals the 2nd half of the game.
Needless to say, he's improved considerably ....and was lucky enough score a goal (or 3) this season!

The second lucky thing was in Harpers soccer game, the same day.
She did not play her little heart out all season...see?
However, Dylan promised her $1 if she touched kicked the ball during the game.
With 1 minute left in the game she ran over and kicked it out of bounds. 
Hey, he just said it had to be a kick.

that's a little tiny thumbs up.

Directly after the game she went to the store and picked out a huge box of bubble gum with her $1.
Which she devoured that night.

Dylan was at a continuing education conference and won the grand prize:

After 3 years of long boring classes, he finally got something out of it.
I'm sure it's beneficial, but this was definitely the
best. year. ever.
I told him he should go buy a lottery ticket...I've never won anything in my whole life. 
Lucky guy.

And I'm the luckiest one of the bunch.  Last week was Dylans Fall break at school (5 day weekend...lucky in itself).  Thursday, I had the entire day to myself...so naturally I headed to the Goodwill Bins.  I was standing there digging (through the clothes, underwear, and debris) and low and behold this beauty walked in:

that's my sister betsy, not a trucker.

She came into town for the weekend to surprise me. 

We filled the next 4 days with massages, laughing, thrifting, and eating, eating, eating, eating. 

caramel apples and almonds...2 meals of our weekend.  delish.

Because that's what pregnant girls do...they eat.  Did I mention there will be another little babe joining our family?  And by 'our'...I mean Betsys. 
Betsy and Matt are expecting a baby in April, 2012.  We are all so excited to meet baby Peterson.
What a lucky little baby to have such wonderful, loving parents.

And speaking of wonderful loving parents, my dad was in town for a day and came visit with my uncle Jake.  The kids always love a good visit...I don't mind it either!

uncle jake, dawson, beckham, and happy.

papa, dawson, beckham, and happy...again.

It was so fun to see them and spend the day together.  I'm a lucky girl to have such a wonderful family!
Yah for good luck!  And mustaches.  And caramel apples...of course.



  1. What a LUCKY family! What a fun surprise visit from a sister! Those are the best! I LOVE the mustache pictures of your babies...I LOVE when babies giggle! Is Beckham really that big? He's gonna give Dawson a run for his money in no time!
    Hooray for Dawson and Harper during soccer! Watching kids get better and better at something they love is what we go to all the hard work for!

  2. I wish I could have seen your reaction when your sister walked into the bins! What a sweet sister. You are the cutest mom on Earth, and you have 3 LUCKY kids. And that TV, I can't believe it!

  3. Love luck. Love your post. Love your Hair color. Perfection.

  4. luuuuuuuuuuuuucky. thanks for letting me come visit! even though you didn't really have a say in the whole thing since i just showed up. thanks for all the pictures of me looking like a heffer...with justin beiber hair. miss you already. xoxo

  5. wow! sounds like you're having fun over there!

  6. Love the pictures of you and Betsy. I have seen you make all those faces. I am glad Betsy came too, she is just as fun as you are! p.s. I love the picture of Harper kicking the ball. Hehe