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Friday, October 28, 2011

finds...and a MUCH too long blog post

I haven't posted about my thrifting finds lately...I felt like our family blog was becoming a forum for my yard sale/bins/thrifting treasures...and even though I find it amazing intriguing life changing interesting, I realized that some of you may not. 
So I decided to take a break.
But the break is over and now I am gushing with things to share.

This week I snuck over to Goodwill (sans kids...holla) with my good friend Brianne.  After a long week with kids, we both needed the break.  And because we both looked like garbage (remember the exhausting week?), here we are at a Halloween party a few days earlier...not looking like garbage:

muah, lyndsie, brianne...i don't know why i look scared in this picture.

Anyway...whilst walking down the outwear aisle, I saw a diamond in the rough.
It was a serious diamond...because it was surrounded by FUBU puffy vests and Eddie Bauer quilted plaid pullovers. 
Here she is:

lambskin vest, emu australia

I paid $12.99. 
And it retails for $355.00.
My favorite part is the high collar.  Very aviator-ish:

I did a little jig right in the outwear aisle....Brianne was in the dressing room.  Luckily.  For her.
It is my most expensive find ever clothing-wise.
It's just thrilling I tell you.
Ahhhh....the important things.

I also found some brand new bedding from Target at the Goodwill that I fell in love with.  Helped our room feel more like fall with the dark green shams/duvet cover:

target online, $10.99.

And I made a trip to the bins and scored a number of keepers for about $.67/item:

animal print pullover, forever 21.

vintage paisley top...i had to have it.  i'm thinking a pillow?

green/white stripe gap tank top.

asymmetrical black/gray stripe tank top.

robins egg blue cardigan shrug, mossimo.

olive green/brown gladiator sandals for harper...i would kill to have these in my size.

Have I told you about Thrift City?  It's a new thrift store that's opened in a neighboring town.  They do 1/2 price on Mondays/Thursdays.  It's my new favorite store (sad for Goodwill) and I find myself dropping in at least twice/week. 
My name is Tracy.  And I'm a thrift-a-holic.
I found this cutest cream sweater there for $3.00:

forever 21

love the detail on the neckline.

The next week I was at Thrift City (again) and found these outdoor Little Tykes toys.  The kids were desperate to have them.  So I'm now the proud owner of a trampoline, teeter-totter and slide:




Right smack in the living room.
The kids LOVE them. 
I hate that they've become part of my decor.
But it has provided hours of entertainment, so it's worth it.

And then 2 weeks ago I hit the jackpot.  I was there (yet again...I know. Ahem.) and peeked into the back storage room.  I saw the most BEAUTIFUL little girls bedroom set. 
We decided to buy it for Harper as an investment....investment meaning someday we hope to live in a house big enough for her to use it. 
It included the bed, a nightstand, and a mattress/box spring.  I can't wait for her to have her own room and help me decorate:

bed frame, nigh stand, mattress/box spring, $100

don't mind the stop sign.  her bed is being stored in the boys room.

nigh stand.

Sorry for the craptacular picture.  It's 10:08p and this boy was sleeping in the same room:

In other important (and not fashion related) news, we have already attended one Halloween party and a Halloween parade.  We took with us Superman, a spider, and Dorothy:

check out those lashes!

And they scored GOBS of candy at the parade, held at Dylans school.  They loved it!

And we got bunk beds.

'We' being Superman and Dorothy.
Not Dylan and myself. 
That would be awkward.
The kids love them and I love the space it saves.  Success!

ps: sad time at the hatfield house...alan died.


  1. so glad that you clarified that it was Daws and Harper who got the bunk beds and not you and Dylan

  2. I love your posts. Seriously...I read them as soon as I see you've posted something new. Love keeping up with your cute family and CANNOT wait to come check out these awesome places you keep finding!! Harper's new bed set - beautiful!!

  3. I love the Target bedding. You always find such great things at Goodwill. Call me if you find a Queen Size Duvet Cover. My bedroom needs a major facelift :)