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Friday, June 3, 2011

$5 days

I feel like lately all I've been blogging about are the trash totally awesome treasures I've been finding.  Dylan suggested I should start an additional blog for just my thrift finds...I think he is sick of sifting through the never ending blogs of clothing, just to catch a glimpse of our little kiddos. 
I lean towards not doing that, only because I always HATE when people have tons of blogs I have to remember to check...I'd rather just have one...but that's my opinion.
What do you think?
Or do you even care?
Probably not.
Moving on....

I'm grumpy today.  The sun is out, birds are chirping, the neighbors car alarm has stopped (it went off for 24 hours straight....awesome)...so I'm not sure what my problem is.
However, I'm hoping that posting this will improve my mood.

My goal this last week was to dress in a new piece of clothing every day....for $5. 
Not $5 per day. 
$5 for the week. 
Yeah, I get excited about things like that.
I know...I need to get a life.
Anyway...I had to recruit my sweet husband to take pictures again...I don't think he was that into it.  Also, he snaps millions of pictures without warning...so in many I'm talking, glaring, or yelling whispering sweet nothings to my children. 
These are the best...shocking I know.


my favorite find...color block dress with spaghetti straps and v-neck in t-shirt material, $1.00.
(my biggest purchase of the week...wowza).
and yes, this was the best picture. wth.

this is how hard it was raining...all week. 
so my picture this day was with an umbrella. 
it's not a prop to make the outfit look cuter.
it was necessary...to avoid looking like this:


pink ruffled silk shirt with puffed sleeves, $.25.

floral tunic with empire waist, $.50.
there were also these, which are awesome:

double awesome:

gray, tan, white umpire waist tank top, $.25.

yellow silk tank top with ruffled top, $.25.

striped tank top, $.25.  vintage gold 5 string necklace, $.50.
my roots look awesome...i know.
oh and i think this might be a maternity top.  double awesome.
 i still like it.

3/4 sleeve v-neck, tan/white floral shirt. $.50.
nice and centereddddd.

My total for the week was $3.50.
I just love a good challenge.  I know, I really aim high and try to challenge myself in things that REALLY matter...
I realized how fun it was having new (to me) clothes every day....and how nice it was to not have to pick out an outfit. 
I also realized I need a tripod.


ps: there were several of these also...which gives me 3 chins and makes my nostrils look even more lopsided that usual:


  1. Great post...love the creative outfits and I'm impressed with the budget. I have the same dress you wore on Sunday :o) also bought it used, but apparently overpaid. I like your blog...I don't think you need another one. It is hard to have multiple ones (I'm probably one you hate to keep up on) but I do separate ones for my kids since I haven't done scrapbooks for them. I do their blogs with updates about each of them and put my stuff and our family stuff together. Guess it depends what you're looking for. Either way, it's entertaining!! And I think you do a great mix of kids/exciting finds and updates :o)

  2. love the outfits!! i can't believe you get ready every day. i mean i can believe it, you have always been so well put together. if i did a post like this.. it would not be cute. i mean, unless you're into sweat-pants with baby snot streaks and fruit snacks stuck to them. p.s. i will agree that dylan is a craptastic photographer. i can totally mentally hear your guys' conversation during the photoshoot and it makes me smile. hahaha.

  3. I loved all your outfits and I love all the posts on thrifting. I makes me feel excited. Aaaannnnd, not only are your outfits spectacular but you are very good at accessorizing. p.s. I loved your outfit yesterday. The vest and the boyfriend tee. Don't be surprised if they come up missing. Ha.

  4. i am so impressed. i love days when my whole outfit is thrifted. i think the one blog is great. oh and dyl is an awesome photographer. not. ok, well i love all your outfits....and i want that dress...and the pink ruffle shirt. ok, i want it all. please bring it all with you. great LOVE YOU! xoxo

  5. As always, I'm in awe of your thrify finds and stylish talents! You are definitely hired to find me a whole new wardrobe in the future. ;)
    PS: I just have the two blogs--the family and craft one--because I don't want to post tutorials on my family one when no one really cares unless they want to make the thing...but I agree. Sometimes there are too many things to do in a day, but if you DID a second blog of all thrifty stuff, you would have a follower in me!

  6. I would vote for one blog. You do a good job of mixing it up. Your outfits look awesome. I may be biased, but I think you could be wearing the bag from the Goodwill or bins and still look GREAT (maybe a skinny little belt cinching it into an empire waist). With all the new clothes you are getting, you must have some you are getting rid of, remember I'm shorter & fatter, and love hand me downs-I guess in our case it would be hand me ups.

  7. How do you get such awesome deals? You need to fill me in because I am in serious need of some new clothes but don't want to fork out the money. I want that red dress you're wearing in your first pic!

  8. Loved this post. Proves that you CAN look great on a budget (and you DO look great!). I vote for one blog, as well. I think it's dorky when people have one blog for one thing and another for another. I wouldn't have enough to say often enough to keep up more than one! Plus, I like being random!

  9. Wow- and I didn't think anyone could beat Cam's wardrobe of 2$ craft store t-shirts.

    Oh, and you don't need a whole new blog, some labels would do. Or pages if you really want to be crazy.