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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

spring break

We just wrapped up Spring Break week here.
I'm so glad it's over and my kids are back in school we could have a week together.
And by together I mean all of us in our little apartment because of the torrential downpour outside.
Sans Dylan.
Because he ditched us (again) to go on an amazing tropical vacation for school.
Not that I'm bitter or anything.

I tried to utilize my time to do all the things I never get done with Dylan home.
Like clean the garage (it's still a disaster, for the record), make a list of all my pending projects, and rearrange the kids rooms:


dawson and harper were sharing a room, with another identical bed
 underneath the windows in this room.

over his bed, dawson can display all his school projects (see below)...

...like this frightening Easter bunny he made.
i could never sleep with this staring down at me all night.
ready to bounce down and nibble my face off.

project #1: sand/paint, seal dresser.  this was the very first thing i ever painted.
it was awful...i bought oil based paint and it wouldn't dry.  i had to cover it with a coat of spray paint. 
it desperately needs to be redone.


we were using this as a guest room...and to house all dylans clothes...
since i have officially taken over our dresser and closet.
i'm so glad harper can enjoy this bedroom set that we bought for her a few months ago. 

project #2: we picked up this 9 drawer beauty for $17.50 at the last salvation army 50% off Saturday.
it needs to be sanded, painted (cream), and outfitted with new knobs/pulls.

this picture is sitting on the previously mentioned dresser.
 i have admired this picture at z gallerie for a while now.
last summer i found it at a yard sale for $5.  score.


beckham is in a big boy bed.
we're finally cribless.

project #3: sand/paint dresser.  replace knobs so they are not girly crystal knobs...
which only seems fitting since they're now housing an airplane, dirt stained jeans,
and teeny tiny star wars underpants.

how awesome is this globe?
the answer is: very.
 i got it at goodwill for $6 and it is every bit as large as it looks.

how cute is this baby?
the answer is: very.
i miss my newborns.

how cute is this not-so-tiny boy?
the answer is: very.

I also plan to take the crystal knobs from the dresser and put them on this board that I picked up at Ikea this week for $1.  Project #4:

In between the rearranging/decorating, I did manage to watch the entire season 1 of Glee.
Complete with 37 bowls of popcorn.  That I refused to share.
I'm a total Gleek.
Loooove it.

In addition, Jennifer and little Kate came to spend the week with us.
And I took 1 picture the entire 6 days....because I'm awesome like that.
And by one, I actually mean 4 pictures of the same pose. 
Because I have cooperative kids.
See for yourself:

Those were the best/only pictures I took.
Don't mind that Dawson looks possessed, Harper looks insane, and Beckham looks like he was attacked by a dog....he fell off his bike. 
And Katherine is thinking, 'WTH is going on here?!  Who are these crazies and are we seriously staying here all week?!'

Having Jen and Kate here made the time pass much more quickly.  We had SUCH a great time together....which I completely expected, as I always do when I'm with my sisters.
We stayed up WAY too late talking, eating, laughing, painting nails, eating, snacking (is that the same as eating?), and watching Friends. 
The time went too fast. 
Especially the time at night after all the rats were sleeping.

During the day when we had all the kids to entertain, we braved thrift stores (and had some AMAZING finds...pictures to come), got Chinese food from a great little place in town (food again?!  fatsos.), and tried to keep busy in the confines of our house...aka: annoyed each other incessantly while the kids whined about wanting to go outside.
My kids were SO thrilled to have Kate here...Dawson and Harper fought over who got to play with her, whose turn it was to sit by her at meals, and who got to read her stories.  Beckham was more interested in growling at her, stealing her toys, and tattling...he isn't used to sharing the 'baby' spotlight. 
Since their departure, all my kids have been asking when I'm going to have another baby because they had such a fun time with little Kate....that's been a fun topic of discussion.
Having them here was the highlight of our week and we can't wait for them to come back. 

The low light of the week? 
It's a toss up: probably the full strawberry smoothie that was spilled ALL over the dining room and narrowly missed my new chairs.  Or maybe the ear infection Beckham had...twice.  Or the 3 pounds I gained.

No, the 3 pounds were a highlight.  Homemade caramels, tortillas, salsa, candy, and jalapenos chips will do that to a waistline.

Spring Break did not disappoint this year and definitely produced more highlights than low lights.
I'm so thankful Jen and Kate could come visit.
And I'm so thankful that Spring Break is over!



  1. Sounds so fun!! Can't wait for the thrifting finds post :o)

  2. I'm moving into Harper's room! how did you capture so much sunlight in those pictures. You must get different weather down there at the end of the street. I'm glad you had fun with your sister. I cannot wait to see all your finished projects.

  3. That bunny is super freaky! I love the rooms, I should hire you to help me decorate :)