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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


You know how everyone has those things in their life that they hate?
Their thin hair that won't hold curl in the constant rain.
The color of their car.  The make of their car.  Their car in general.
Their upturned nose.

I'm not talking about myself...I'm just saying hypothetically that these might be things SOMEONE might not like about their life.

Lately, I have 2 things in my life that I hate. Dilemmas if you will.
And they're both in the front room of my house.  The very first thing you see when you walk through the door.

Lamp or no lamp?

That was not rhetorical.  I'm actually asking...
lamps or no lamps?
And also, my pictures are crooked. 
I'm awesome.

Here are the candidates....and I have 2 of each. 

The glass/black lamps live in our room and flank our bed.
And the white tube lamps are from Ikea.  I got them this week...convinced they would be PERFECT.  I now think they're too tall. 
I'll probably return them.
Story. Of. My. Life.
The retail community loves me.

Dilemma #2:

I have a love/hate relationship with this piece we bought. 
We use it for storage and I thought I'd really love it. 
But instead I despise it.
Because it's a cluttered mess.
At all times.

See what I mean?
So....I've tried it empty, full, baskets in a different configuration.
All sucked.

Even with the addition of these AMAZING horse head book ends, that I plan to paint:

I'm thinking of doing a monochromatic pallet in the open spaces...maybe whites/creams?  Or gray?
Things like this:

isn't this the CUTEST thing you've ever seen?
Yeah.  Me too.

Your thoughts with the shelving unit?
Again, not rhetorical.

I worry that they white will be too matchy with this new bad boy:

That's a rug.
And I also have a new chair in the room...and I'm not willing to get rid of it. 
Because it's beautiful.  And new (to me).  And my sister has the same fabric in her house...which I didn't know when I purchased the chair.
It's like one mind.

I digress.

Check out the legs on that beauty:

So, what to do?
My house is one huge conglomeration of random crap.
In case you haven't noticed.
Chevron rug, floral chair, a Buddha head, striped curtains, and now horse head bookends.
Oh, and a humongous avocado green credenza.
Hoarders called...they want me on their show.

See the pickle I'm in?
Please weigh in...all 7 of you.


ps: I ate almost an entire pack of Gaucho cookies while writing this.  Did you know they are making those again??  Yep.
Your life just got a LOT little better.


  1. I actually like the mix of patterns and the Ikea lamps with the TV. It is the contrast that I like. My house is all matchy matchy to the point of not being able to decorate because they are all inherited pieces from the same era. I also really like the cubby case, and it doesn't look cluttered to me but that could be because my house is very cluttered.

  2. I like your black glass lamp. Take the Ikea one back. I also love your nose.

  3. My husband suggested to do away with the lamps and go with speakers for great surround sound. uh huh. I like the black lamp. Or maybe keep the top of the tv stand clean and just put a few strategically placed pictures on the wall on either side of the tv...
    And I personally LOVE the cubby storage. Want it. A perfect place for treasures. But maybe painting it a lighter color (dare I say white?) would help with the feeling of clutterness?

  4. I like the glass lamp best too. It definitely needs something. I do like the cubby storage. Maybe some books to break up the knick knack look? Pictures would go well too.

  5. I love the rug. Love the black glass lamps. And love the shelving. I think the baskets on the bottom help it feel not so huge and agree maybe some books/pictures would be fun. I'm not a huge fan of monochromatic - especially since you have such fun knick knacks and great colors throughout your house. I think it gives it a little spice :o)

  6. My response is too long and I am too lazy to type it out on my kindle. I will call you tomorrow. Done and done.

  7. ditch the lamps. (in my awesome opninion) They are too big and there is not a enough room. I tried to decorate with our next to my tv and it always bugged me. Just TV. Bottom line. Too much going on.

    I don't think you will be happy with your other piece....like ever. Just because there is so much of it and alot to fill. Again, I know how awesome my opininion is and how much it doesn't help. love ya!

  8. 1. what about something on either side of the tv on the WALL, not the cradenza?
    2. Instead of whites and creams in the shelf... what about greens, gray, and purple to coordinate with the chair? (the green in the chair is the same as the cradenza... I think it would all tie together perfectly!)
    That's my two sense!

  9. no lamps? and the glass ones if you choose to do lamps.... and shelving unit, i like the idea of whites or if not having items that are white, painting the shelving unit itself white or cream... i'm no interior decorator though so dont take my advice too serious. good luck! love seeing all the fun things you bring home!

  10. i like the black glass lamps. unfortunately no opinion on the rest. i'm kind of eclectic too.

  11. If you are set on doing lamps (which I would completely understand as lamps littered my place in FG) I'd choose the black ones. Those Ikea ones would be cute, just not by the TV...too tall...unless you have other items to make it look planned to have the different heights, like pictures or shelving on the wall and nick nacks also on the stand, otherwise it looks like a large version of "lol". Maybe you could use those Ikea lamps in another room??
    And, as far as the shelves go, it depends on what you want to stick out in the room. Like if you want just the chair and tv stand to stick out, do naturals. I don't think it would be too matchy with the rug. That's what's so great about naturals. If you want to pull in the colors of the chair, put books or "pops" of the chair colors among the naturals. I like the set up you have now with the drawers on the bottom.
    That was long...good luck!! :) I hope I was helpful.

  12. I love your rug! And I'd have to say I like the lamps with the black lamp shade since I have the same one but I have a different shad on them! :) I always thought I was a good bargin shopper but you totally take it to another level you find such great things!!!