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Saturday, December 31, 2011


One early Sunday morning in mid-June, I dragged my sleepy buns out of bed and arrived at church on time.
{Insert: this may have been the last time I was on time for church...and it was 6.5 years ago.  I'm awesome.}
I walked to the back of the room and sat in the very last row...alone.
During the opening song I looked up and saw a familiar face.
A big smile spread across his face as he changed course and slid in next to me, leaving all his friends behind.

For the entire hour, we were those annoying people who gab through the whole meeting.
We had to catch up...it had been 4 years since we'd seen each other.

That same week, we went on a 'friendly date.'

4 days later, we decided to get married.

2 months later, he proposed.

And at 10:00am on December 31st 2005, we were married.

Every minute of every single day since that moment, I have been thankful.

Thankful for his honesty and patience as I learned to love again.
Thankful for a guy who trusted his heart.  Even when it had been less than 96 hours.
Thankful for a man who loves me unconditionally...probably more than I deserve.
Thankful for someone who makes me want to be better.  A better wife.  Mother.  Friend.
Thankful for the perfect father he works to be.

Thankful for a brave boy who left all his friends behind, for a girl he barely knew.

I love you Dylan Hatfield.

tracy lynn


  1. You guys are such a beautiful couple! I'm so happy you found someone who is such a good match for you. Happy anniversary!