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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Yes, I'm just posting Christmas.
Just didn't want to bombard you with too much merriment all at once.
So I decided to save my holiday posts until February.
You're welcome.

Our Christmas morning started around 7am, which was about 3 hours earlier than I hoped and 2 hours later than I expected.  Once all the kids were awake, we headed downstairs to see if Santa had visited our house:

are you noticing that in every single picture, dawson is making a hideous ridiculous face?
 me too.

Santa did indeed visit, despite some of the naughtiness in 2011:

harper: gumball machine and polar bear stuffed animal

dawson: star wars toy and polar bear stuffed animal

beckham: glow in the dark basketball hoop, yellow lab stuffed animal

Santa brought the kids stuffed animals...apparently he didn't get the memo that we don't do stuffed animals at our house.  The kids were SO excited to receive their first (and probably last) stuffed animals.  They were a BIG HIT...good job Santa. 
Everyone had a wonderful time ripping open gifts and everyone remembered their manners except one little girl, who had MAJOR attitude that day.  I'm surprised she even cooperated for this photo...if you can consider this cooperating:

This year, I started a new tradition of doing 4 gifts for each child:
something you want
something you need
something to wear
something to read
As our kids get older, this tradition may be met with some resistance.  But for now, the kids seemed thrilled with the arrangement:

animal masks, made by my talented friend lyndsie

Dawson's favorite gift was a pair of 'real glasses.'  Ever since his friend Ryan got eyeglasses, he has been begging for some.  He wears them constantly...and apparently is STILL incapable of smiling in a semi-normal fashion:

Beckham's favorite gift was candy. 
Note to self: next year skip the new jeans, book, blanket, and dinosaur toy.  Instead, opt for a pack of Smarties.  'Or gum...give them gum...kids love gum'...
Friends reference? 
Yes, I think so.
he's making that face because his mouth is packed full of sugar sweetened cereal from his stocking.
we're health nuts at our house.

The aforementioned grumpy girl did receive one gift she was thrilled about:

Yes, that's a makeup kit.
And no, it was not from me.
No parent would EVER buy that for their own child. 
It was obviously a gift from a grandparent.

It has provided HOURS of entertainment.
And it turned my sassy grumpy spirited sweet little girl...

...into a girl who constantly looks like she is going to work the corner:

And again:

Yes...she actually went out like that.
We got a few looks.
I'm pretty sure people thought she had some kind of skin disease.

Oh, and we can't forget these ones:

Aunt Jade is such a good sport.
Even Dylan tucked away his manhood played along:

This is the only makeover I've received:

We had the best Christmas yet.  Holidays are so fun with kids.
A big thanks to all our friends and family for the holiday cards, gifts, and phone calls...it made being away so much easier. 
And a big thanks to Santa and Uncle Jake for making the trip all the way to Portland.
And let's not forget Grandma and Grandpa Hatfield...for turning our little girl into a hussy.

To many more traditions, Merry Christmas', and makeovers!
Maybe not 'many more' on that last one.



  1. Seriously laughing out loud! Harper and Chloe would be bff's. She got that same barbie gift for Christmas, but it is still hiding in the closet. Whoops. I love the tradition and just may steal it for us. I love it! Please keep posting, it just makes me happy! xoxo

  2. You are a much nicer mom than mine (or I might be we will see in the coming years) The year I got make up my mother took it from me as soon as the giver was out of sight! I love the pictures and I might have to steal your gift tradition, very smart!

  3. i cant believe how much that middle picture of dawson laughing looks like uncle jake when he laughs to me. tell harper to bring the make up to the coast, i know of two little girls, who would love to play with it

  4. Love how the masks turned out! They actually look decent. Your kids are completely adorable and I love all the pictures of Harper's "hussy"ness. Such cherished memories!

  5. The first picture of Dawson with his glasses looks EXACTlY like Dylan. Uncanny!