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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


**I don't know what is going on with Blogger...the spacing is so weird on this post but I'm sick of trying to fix it.  So just disregard the disorganized fashion of it.** 

We had a lovely Valentines week...it really was a full week of celebrating. 
Side note: aren't you proud of me for getting this post done in February?  If I were following habit, I'd wait and post about it in July.

Last weekend we made a trip to Lake Oswego to visit my great Aunt Shirley and Uncle Bob.  We had ice cream, talked, and the kids played dominoes.  I only snapped a few pictures, but I'm impressed I remembered my camera at all.
Shirley has a special place in my heart.  She married my grandpa's twin brother.  I never met my grandpa or his brother, but have loved hearing stories about them as I've grown up.  Long after Shirley's husband Gene passed away, she remained a supportive and important part of our family:

visiting great aunt shirley and uncle bob.
doesn't harper looked thrilled??
yes, yes she does.  
too much ice cream

way too much fun.
and whining...it's a hard job people.

I look pregnant in that picture.
I'm not.
Just too many chocolates apparently.

On Valentines Day, we decorated the table with candy, balloons, confetti, and love notes for the kids. 
My talented mother made them each a felt envelope with their initials on it...it was packed full of candy.  Which was gone before I had a chance to confiscate it, and eat it all myself ration it out to them in the upcoming days.
I just love Valentines Day.
I mean, who doesn't love a good excuse to hug and kiss and buy all that chocolate??

The kids got to do valentines this year for their classmates at preschool.  Dawson chose G-Force (rodents...really?), Harper chose princess', Beckham chose sports (surprise surprise):

when i taught dawson to write his name, i taught him in upper-case letters.
he is having to learn how to write it in lower-case letters.
he's doing great.

2 months ago, harper couldn't even write her name. 
she has come so far.

decorating his place mat with heart stickers

waiting patiently for breakfast

harper is both left and right handed.
often times she switches hands 1/2 way through a word/activity.

we had cinnamon twists with pink frosting, strawberries,
 and pink fruit smoothie for our valentines breakfast.
breakfast was a big hit.

My sweetheart (the Mr, not the 3 little rats) surprised me with 2 new pieces of furniture.
Of which I've become completely and totally obsessed .
See why???

There are 2 of them. 
How cute are those??

We spent the evening together in the kitchen making dinner...and when I say 'together,' I mean Dylan watching me while I slaved away over a hot stove.
We ate pasta and chocolate dipped strawberries by candlelight, we danced to '90s love songs, and I oooooed and awwwwwed over my new chairs all night long.
He surprised me with truffles AND Caramellos. 

That man sure knows how to sweep me off my feet.



  1. Love your chairs! I can only imagine what you might have been wearing while cooking dinner. LOL. Glad you had such a fun Valentines. Miss you!!!

  2. i want those chairs. and i can't believe how big the kiddos are getting. it makes me SO sad! glad you had a fun day! LOVE YOU! xoxo

  3. Love the chairs. Glad you got spoiled. You deserve it!!

  4. The picture of Harper asleep in the car made me laugh...or maybe it was your comment. You are too funny! Where did he find those chairs? They are to die for. Looks like Valentines day was a good one!