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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Here are a few things that are AWESOME in my life right now:

-This week we had a conference at church.  The woman behind me was clipping her nails throughout.  I'm pretty sure there were some in my hair after. 

-We are moving (again)...4th time in 2 years.  Not that I'm keeping track.

-Finals week.  Enough said.

-Last week I went to step up onto the toilet seat.  I didn't check to be sure it was down... and realized it wasn't when I felt the water gush up my pant leg.  I love living with 3 boys.  

-I have already gained 4 pounds and it's only mid-December. 

-This Christmas card my parents sent out:

Having trouble seeing it?  Take a closer look:

2 words: Scotch tape.
And, you're welcome.

Things that really are awesome:

-In 22 days I get to see all my sisters.  With no kids.  And no husbands.  I think the last time this happened was 10 years ago.  I can hardly wait.  There will be LOTS of Scotch tape.

-We had family pictures, and everyone cooperated (well, except for Dylan...see here):

Everyone was smiling and we only had to do one retake of Dawson...because he is a total cheeseball and was literally grinning from ear to ear.

-Although I despise moving (see above), I am excited for a garage, extra 2 bathrooms, extra bedroom, and washer/dryer...holla.

-I fell off the anti-soda wagon and find myself drinking Dr. Pepper almost daily.  I suck.
But it's so delicious that I hardly care.

-I took a very cute little girl on a date last weekend.  We saw the play Wizard of Oz...it was AMAZING and we both loved it:

i look bald in this picture.  but i'm not in real life.

It was this much fun:

-Sunday I got a 3 hour nap.

-I have my Christmas shopping done and all my cards sent out...early. 

-Harper flashing 'gang signs'...where did she even learn that???:

The end.



  1. I love your family pictures. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your parent's Christmas card. Ahhh, scotch tape... thanks for posting. Needed a good laugh tonight. xoxo

  2. You are awesome. I totally asked Betsy if I could come and see you guys for like 5 min. because I am a lame fan of all you guys. So, don't be creeped out if you see my face looking longingly through the window as you are all having a good time, oh and if it's snowing and I am out in the cold even better adds to the dramatics. :) love and miss you. and yes, want to come visit and hope to finagle that trip soon! :)

  3. I love your family pictures! The color scheme is puurrrr-fect. A small cat reference for all the cats you will be leaving behind when you move. And having someone cutting their nails behind you at church is definitely awesome. p.s. Now that Scott is home every night, I have totally fallen off the anti-soda wagon too. Diet Dr. Pepper cherry how i love thee. I miss talking to you 12 times every day and may just call to satisfy my withdrawal.

  4. Love your posts. Loved Dylan's too. When I want to see cute kids and have a laugh I just need to check out your blog.