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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

tree cutting

Last weekend we went to Helvetia Tree Farm, a charming U-Cut farm about 25 minutes from our house.
Dylan's sister Jade (and her husband Tyler) organized the trip...I would never be stupid desperate brave enough to go at it alone with all the kids.
We all had a blast.
Chalk this up to one more reason I love Oregon (that brings my list to 4: Goodwill, beautiful outdoors, Goodwill, and charming U-Cut Christmas tree farms.  Oh, and Goodwill).

As soon as we pulled up, I knew it was going to be fun.

There was a snow machine (fun fact: it wasn't actually snow.  it was bubbles):

There were free marshmallows for roasting:

There was one person who especially liked the roasting pit. 
Can you guess who??

He liked them too:

There were TONS of trees to choose from:

And an amazing view:

There were perfect trees, saws to cut them, and lots of willing little helpers:

There were lots of sweet little moments along the way:

figuring the age of the tree...it was 7 years old
And there were 3 happy little people at the end of it all...

...thanks to wonderful family, a perfect Christmas outing and some very messy candy canes:

baling the tree in netting



  1. That looks like it was wonderful! I hope my kids get to have such wonderful memories!

  2. Nice! We got a fresh cut tree too, only my brother in law (Rex) went out and cut it down all on his lonesome. :) p.s. I miss you

  3. I love Beckham's face in the last picture. He is too cute!

  4. fun! it definitely makes me miss oregon. U-pick farms are the best up there (in summer and winter) and I miss that!


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