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Thursday, November 3, 2011

dawsons birthday....again.

Are you sick of birthdays yet?
I am too.

In September and October, we celebrate 4 birthdays.
I'm. So. Over.  It.

But not so over it that I don't want to post some pictures from our two this month.
Since I have a tendency to drone on and on and on and on and on...
I decided to break it into different posts. 
So if you're So. Over. It. Too....then close this window now.
And don't read the post tomorrow either.
And I won't judge you.

For Dawsons 5th birthday we decided to combine a family and friend party together.  He chose to have 2 friends over for dinner and dessert.  They made pizzas and then candy sundaes (with a touch of ice cream).
Seriously...they were so hyped up on sugar...it was frightening.
I know their mothers really appreciated it...you're welcome.

for the birthday boy

when i was growing up, we always got to use a plate like this for special days. 
i was so excited to find the exact same one at a yard sale this summer for $.50 so i can carry on the tradition.

The guests:

dawson and ryan

harper and sophie

he was there too...

The chefs:

the kids did their own rolling


The sundaes:

Do you think we needed more toppings?
Me too.

it was a mad dash...

making a wish...

blowing out the candles...


PS:  I am watching a show called 'sperm donor: 74 kids and more.'


  1. You go above and beyond in EVERYTHING you do. Looks like a fun time-wish we could've been there, those are my kind of sundaes, just enough ice cream to keep the stir- ins held together.

  2. I loooooovvvvve your blog.
    And you.

  3. Ryan had such a good time! She talked about it for days and I love the pic of her and Dawson. You are so fun.