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Friday, November 4, 2011

Harpers 4th birthday

For Harpers birthday, she opted to go on a date with Dylan and me.  We hired a babysitter for the boys and took her on a surprise trip to the salon to get her hair, nails, and makeup done. 
She did NOT cooperate.
At all.
Thus the lack of pictures.  These are the only ones:

harper took this picture of us...surprisingly we are centered. 
not bad.
'bad' being her photography skills, not the picture.
the picture is very creepy and strange.

the only picture after the fighting pampering...harper chose pink makeup and a curled side ponytail.
and pink sparkly polish.
she looked so cute...even with her scowl.

Despite her reservations about the salon, she loved it and asked to go back again.

We followed the salon with a quick trip to Target to spend her birthday money (thanks to grandmas Jill and Jill):

She picked out a silver sparkly purse. 
And toted it around all day.
Filling it with all kinds of treasures.

We finished the date at the happiest place on Earth::

And by Earth, I mean Forest Grove.
She loves this place:

We had ice cream sundaes after the happy meal (singular....I did not have a happy meal.  The thought alone makes me throw up a little bit). 

We went home and had a little family party, complete with gifts...:

her favorite gift...

beckhams reaction to the bubble gum...awesomeeee!

her other favorite gift...a harmonica.
thank you hatfields...for the constant stream of music.
she loves it! 

she got TONS of art supplies...paper, colored pencils, sidewalk chalk, and paint.

...more ice cream sundaes:

harper had specific requests for the sundaes.
most important?
good n plenty.

...and singing:
blowing out her candles

She has already been putting her gifts to good use. 
Especially the eyeshadow she received:


It was so fun to spend the day with our girl!



  1. i wish that harper could have really come to the happiest place on earth...disneyland. and i would have taken her to mcdonalds, and eaten a happy meal with her...i love them...glad you had such a fun day.i love that girl

  2. She did a great job with the blue eyeshadow, it really makes her eyes stand out. ;)

  3. You're such a good mom. It's cute she wanted to go out with her mom and dad. Better enjoy that while it lasts ;o) Pretty sure Harper and Kaidrey have the same little nightgown. I apparently have awesome taste, then since you chose the same one.

  4. I love that you thought to do a salon day, what a perfect girlie thing to do. And her face after her "makeover" is awesome. Happy Birthday Harper!