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Friday, August 5, 2011


I've had a run of good luck at yard sales lately.
And by lately, I mean only the last 2 weeks.
Because I really haven't been able to go every week.  Sales started late this year due to rain, then we were out of town, Dylan had clinic, blah blah blah.
Truth be told, I don't really need anything new (to me) so shouldn't even be going.  But truth be told again...it pains me to drive by a yard sale and not stop.
I know, my life is sad.
Anyway, I picked up this FABULOUS '70s mirror at a yard sale last week. 
It weighs 50 lbs at least and is 4.5'x2.5'. 
I paid $10...which was a total steal.
I actually feel guilty because the mirror was marked at $15, but after thinking about it all morning I decided I wasn't willing to pay more than $10 for it.  The sale was being run by a young boy, who was probably watching over things for his mother.  And he probably got chewed out for selling an antique family heirloom to some tightwad for $10.
When I bought it, I thought I wanted it for above my bed.  Right now I have a black platform bed, charcoal gray comforter, 11 (or so) throw pillows...and these sit above it:

...the picture is totally crooked.
But in real life they are perfect straight.
Anyway, I really love the canvases and I need to enjoy them for the next 127 years to feel like they are worth what I paid for them.  But I thought I might want like to change it up a bit with the mirror.
Once I hauled it upstairs and put it up there, I decided it didn't look right.  Too ornate for the style of my bedroom.
So now I have a ginormous mirror sitting in my hallway and I need to incorporate it into my already-total-hodge-podge-of-a-space living room.
Oh, and my entire house is only 900 square feet, so keep that in mind.
I am trying to decide on a color...it needs to pop or will look very shabby chic, which I don't want.
I'm thinking emerald green.  Or maybe tangerine orange.  Neither of which I have in my house right now.
But I'd love your opinion (the 6 of you reading this).  Because I am not feeling creative in any way right now.
And here it is:

And several people have told me they can't comment on my blog, so email me suggestions too...because that's how desperate I am to get another opinion and finish start this thing.

ps:  I'm watching Nick and Vanessas Dream Wedding (Lachey and Minnillo)...they keep calling each other 'baby' and making out on camera...it's like a train wreck that I can't look away from.  Embarrassing, right?


  1. You could always pain the mirror classic black or metallic silver. Or aqua. I love that antique-y look and aqua. Super cute diaper bag, btw!

  2. I love those old mirrors when they are painted white, for example: http://www.decoratingideakidrooms.com/products/decorating%20ideas/oversized%20mirror.jpg

    Or you could use the Krylon Blue Ocean breeze spraypaint color, my current obsession: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_6ojXfIer_nc/TJKpVtQhcXI/AAAAAAAABmw/3ciPEDct_qw/s1600/IMG_3267.JPG

    What color is the wall it will be on? You may want to just leave it Gold since I've noticed gold seems to be making a comeback. If it's real gold leafing on it, you probably don't want to paint it. It's pretty and ten bucks is such a bargain- I'm jealous of your bargain finding skills.

  3. lol! I think you should do a dark turquoise, but I don't know what other colors are in the room.