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Monday, August 8, 2011

it's official...i. heart. spray. paint.

..I am crazy.
In life, but also for spray paint.
These last few days I have been spraying everything in sight.
Because I haven't had many projects lately.
In fact, last night I got so desperate to work on something that I put on a headlamp and was outside on the porch spray painting until 11pm.
I looked awesome.
And my neighbors now have one more reason to think I'm insane...
the other reason being that last week I walked all the way around my complex with my skirt tucked up into the WAIST of my underwear.
Anyway, it's been so fun...I love projects. 
Even when they are small and seemingly unimportant.
Like this one:

I got this vase at the Goodwill bins last week for $.95...glass at the bins is $.39/lb so that tells you how lightweight it is.  It's from Z Gallerie, so it was probably a nice vase at some point in it's life.  However, the finish on it was a really thin layer of olive green and it had scratches all over it. 
I have been looking for a large vase for my bedroom and instantly fell in love with the simple shape of this one.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money, so decided to use some leftover gray paint I had from the boys dresser I refinished last year.  I also didn't want to waste primer if it wasn't going to look good, so I didn't even prime it:

It's the perfect shade of gray and I can't believe how smooth it is.
I was really pleasantly surprised at how good it looks. 
Now I'm on the hunt for bamboo that I can spray black and place it on my retro-inspired cedar chest, at the foot of my bed.
Cost of the vase: free spray paint + $.95 for vase = $.95

I picked up this mirror at a yard sale last week for $1 and loved the fun shape.  I knew it would be ideal for glazing, which is (one of) my current obsession:

I was being lazy and decided to take out the mirror out so I didn't have to tape it all off. 
It is an old mirror. 
And old = well built.
Well built = 100 screws holding the mirror in place.

I chose Krylon Ivory for the mirror:

And then glazed it so it would show up on our bland, stark, boring white walls:

Harper loved it, of course.
Because she is my daughter, and shares my love for all things old and gaudy.
So I gifted it to her. 

It's above her dresser.
Which is my next project.
I'm thinking of leaving it white and doing something fun on the drawer fronts.
Maybe a chevron print stencil?
Cost of the mirror: $3.24 for Krylon ivory spray paint + $1 for the mirror = $4.24

And this bad boy isn't done yet, but it's on it's way.  I found it in the trash on the side of the road:

it's rectangle shape and has a removable cushion...which i removed  and promptly threw in the dumpster.
i love trash, but cushion + trash = fleas. or bed bugs. plus it smelled like urine.
how wt am i??

when the cushion is removed, there are handles on each side so it's like a small tray table.

I used Kilz primer, to neutralize/clean it and make it easier to paint:

I painted it with Krylon glossy black (leftover) but felt like it was boring.
Partly because I am sewing challenged, so couldn't make a cushion for the top.
So while I wait for my friend Lyndsie to help me make one, I painted the top.
I used leftover Dutch Boy Retro Avocado paint from my credenza:

The kids love it as a platform to jump onto the couch.
And to play with their toys in.
And use as a seat.
So I'd say it's a hit at our house.
Cost of the tray/side table: free paint/primer + free table = free.

And free is the best kind of project.
Even if it's from the trash.


ps: Are you working on any projects right now??


  1. I absolutely LOVE the glazed mirror in Harper's room!! You have a good obsession :)

  2. I don't think I should read your blog anymore. It just inspires me to thrift more and craft more. Why did you use a headlamp? Don't you have a patio light? I love the black stool tray thingy, I can't wait to see the cushion on it. I'm crossing my fingers that this comment acutally makes it onto your blog. If it does it will be the first time in a long time. I'm going to try something different.... here I go...

  3. oh my goodness.... it worked!!
    Okay, to everyone who has trouble leaving comments..... when it makes you log in over and over and over, UN-CHECK the box that says "keep me signed in" I promise, it'll work.

  4. Such great projects!! Love the mirror, of course, because I also adore gaudy :o) it's so funny that you think of yourself as "not crafty" since you are one of the craftiest people I know!!

  5. jealous. that mirror is sawesome. i want it. i just really love all those projects. except i'm SO glad you got rid of that cushion. i can just imagine all the miniscule bugs that were living in/on that. grossout. can't wait for your next project (i'm hoping it's something to do with another mirror??). love you. xoxo

    ps...are you obsessed with looking at yourself? you sure have a lot of projects that revolve around mirrors....jk.

  6. I am seriously jealous of that mirror. I love it. I need something of the sort to go above my new bed. Which I haven't posted pictures of. Because I haven't finished organizing my room. Because I work all the time and I'm lazy... You're busier than I am with the kiddos, and you still manage to do way more than I do. It's quite unfair ;)

  7. I LOVE that mirror. And that vase is AwEsOmE! (I'm partial to gray these days...guess that's a bit obvious with my couches and all...)I'm tryin' Kristina's trick...let's see if it works.

  8. You are so dang creative, ma'am! Love to read your "trash to treasure" posts... they inspire me! Keep it comin', girl! Love it!