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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This post is going to be short...unless I get off track and ramble on and on and on....which I never ever do.  Ahem...
Dylan is in Nicaragua for 10 days with a club from school...I know, unfair right?!  I'm in the torrential downpour, and he's basking in the sunshine...drinking pina coladas, eating out, and shopping.  Oh, and helping the people of Nicaragua maintain their eyesight and eye health... but that's just a cover I'm pretty sure.  Since he was gone the entire Spring Break, the kids and I decided to make a trip to Boise to surprise our families.
It was such a whirlwind...in a good way.  We saw both Conklin and Hatfield (there are no pictures of the Hatfields...because most of our time together was spent chasing kids, or in a noisy playplace...those are all just excuses.  Really, I'm just a slacker) grandparents.  We spent time with aunt Jen, uncle Daniel, and cousin K (the kids loved her and were in her face the ENTIRE time).  We saw Uncle Jake, The Chatterton family (including cousins, although there are no pictures because again...total slacker), and wonderful friends.  It was so different from our normal monotonous routine, which was a nice change. 
Our trip included: the McDonalds playplace, outings to the park, making smoothies, playdate with friends, family dinners, Target shopping trips, laughing, a trip to the library, fabric shopping, eating...the list of fun goes on and on. 
It beat our usual daily activities: school, naps, annoying each other, meals, bedtime.  Boring.
I have a lot to say about the trip, but am committed to making this post short, because my eyelids are drooping and I'm running strictly on Diet Pepsi right now. 

Boise made me:
- Miss my family even more.  It is so hard being away.  It's like a giant gaping hole that nothing else can fill.
- Remember how dry my skin is there...and my hair.  The mullet looked even worse in Idaho than Oregon.  If that's even possible.
- Realize that no thrift stores compare to the Forest Grove Goodwill.
- Admit that I hate pumping my own gas...I've gotten spoiled.
- Understand how much I miss selling real estate.  I had forgotten the thrill of showing a house, discussing features of a kitchen, and thinking about things other than diapers, toddler tantrums, and wiping noses (and other body parts too).  I miss it more than I realized and think I left a little piece of myself behind when I left it.
- Remember how much I hate sales tax.
- Realize that I NEVER want to go to McDonalds again.  I'm embarrassed to say this, but we ate there 4 times this week.  By we, I mean the kids.  Unless McFlurrys and Dr. Pepper count as eating.
I am so thankful we could go and for every ones efforts to make it a great trip.  Here are a few pictures of some of the people we saw (if we saw you and there is not a picture it's because I failed to take one, or my kids were making ridiculous faces in it...they're not cooperating very well right now for photos):

with grandma conklin

harper and cousin k

love baby k

playdate with friends

reading with papa conklin

kisses from great uncle jake

While in Boise, I did a little thrifting (a big thanks to my mom for tending the littles so I could escape  go shopping alone) and had a fabulous find! 
I have been keeping an eye out for sunburst mirrors.  I wanted something that was not metal.  I already own a metal one that I found at an antique store for $1, so wanted either an all-glass design, or wood. 
I went into a consignment store called Ricochet and laid eyes on this beauty.  I immediately knew I had to take her home:

After putting it up on the wall, I'm so glad I scooped it up before someone else did!  I need one more to complete my collection and put them in an arrangement above my green credenza.  I'm debating making one myself and have been pouring over DIY blogs.  I'm halfway tempted...
Oh, and we decided to pack up and drive home in the middle of the night to beat a snow storm.  We got home at 2am, and this is what I looked back to find.  Cute, and also a little sad:

They were such good little travelers. 
It was wonderful to spend time with family and friends.  But it's always good to be home.



  1. this post was sad! i'm glad you had a good time in boise but i'm sad that it was bittersweet. you are over the hump though, right?!? LOVE the mirror.. it looks fabulous above your credenza! i think you should for sure DIY for your 3rd piece! do it. :) it will be amazing. p.s. my favorite picture was the last one. your kids are too dang cute. when they're sleeping don't you just want to cuddle the heck out of them?? then WHAM, you realize that you can't because heaven forbid you should wake them up. haha. have a great week!

  2. What a fun trip. That's a long drive alone, you're amazing! When is the 10 days up? I hope it goes by quickly for you. That last picture is adorable!!

  3. This almost made me cry. Not just because my kids look homeless, but because I miss you and I wish you lived here. Thanks for showing me houses and taking time to see us. I love your new mirror! It looks perfect. Now come decorate my house!

  4. Love your blog. Sad I am not up there vacationing. I have been wanting that exact style of mirror for ummm...like 3 years now, but can't bare to buy one full priced and I have yet to run into your good luck of finding these jems.! Love it! Love you!

  5. Mirror Envy! Your kids are so cute!

  6. That is were I got my lovely new couch is at that thrift store, is it the one on fairview?? Or is it the used furniture store on Glenwood? Either way they are both fun to shop!! Glad you got to see the family and I did get a glimpse of you one day from afar!!:-)